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oksewglad 10-28-2020 07:52 PM

I pulled a UFO quilt off the LA tonight and have binding attached, now to sew it down. Hope to get it done before the first, and then use my new "hang up" pole to take a picture.

Krisb 10-28-2020 07:55 PM

Preliminary October count

Originally Posted by retiredteacher09 (Post 8422801)
Wahoo! Another top finished! 20 more blocks from my UFO which was Summer Moon by Carrie Nelson. The remaining 4 blocks will go into a scrappy quilt top.

Congratulations on choosing fabrics for alternate blocks that make the sampler blocks just all fit together.

And Connie has another; another home for orphan blocks. 🎖Special award for using orphan blocks

Originally Posted by retiredteacher09 (Post 8425001)
Another UFO top finished! Wahoo! I even made a backing from fabric that was purchased maybe 10 years ago at a garage sale for only a few dollars.

On the bottom rows, I used the last 4 of my 72 blocks from the UFO Summer Moon. The Dresden blocks were in a church quilting donation as was the handquilted basket block. I framed them to add some color to the quilt top. The colorful strips were orphan strips and the 6” blocks, cut by my church group, have resided in my house for many years waiting to be used. The green chevron fabric is the only fabric from my personally owned stash in the top.

I found out today that my church group met yesterday and can now meet on Tuesday mornings again. I will be happy to join them in November and even more happy to give them all of the tops I have finished. I also have 2 big rolls of batting for the group. It will be nice to say farewell to the quilts and batting. 😀

Rob has ended the dry spell with a project that touches my heart. My Mom loved a kitchen rooster or ten

Originally Posted by rryder (Post 8427508)
Well, after a long dry spell, I have finally finished some UFOs. 4 placemats that have been cut out but not put together for the past 2 years. Yay!

Sync reports what she thinks is an unacceptably old UFO.

Originally Posted by Sync (Post 8427582)
my hubby is finally getting his quilt for this winter, <hanging head> it has only taken me 6 years to complete it. The appliqué blocks started as something to do while watching NASCAR races on Sundays. Then hubby noticed and asked who I was making the quilt for and I answered no one. Well, he then claimed those blocks to be for his quilt. My hubby has waited very patiently for this to be done.

You may feel guilty about the length of time, but my oldest UFO was begun in 1994 and finished in 2018. It was moved at least twice. There are also the wedding quilts completed after the birth if the 1st child, the baby quilts finished for high school graduation. Any time is a good time to complete a UFO!🙋🏼👏

Panchita would never have had a quilt right there for DS’s birthday if it had been finished in 2012. She says,
I got one!
I completed a UFO that's been on the go since 2012. Reporting style a la Quossum.

Quilt Origin – I went to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK in the summer of 2012 and saw a trunk show done by Marti Michell. She had the most amazing quilt, done in gorgeous oriental fabrics, made out of hexagons with a sort of basketweave border making a secondary hexie pattern. So I trotted off to Ms. Michell’s booth straight after the trunk show ended and got me one of her huge hexagon templates. I was so proud. And enthusiastic https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/biggrin.png

Why it became a UFO – What I neglected to do (purely because I didn’t think of it, so this was me being dumb rather than ornery) was purchase the *pattern* for the quilt. Up to that point in my quilting life I only really used traditional blocks, and was used to making up my own arrangements/patterns as I went along, and it genuinely did not occur to me that I needed anything more than the template.

I started sewing the hexies together in 2012. I finished sewing them together in August 2020.

I like to think that my piecing skills have improved between the start and the finish https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/biggrin.png.

Why I finally finished – Pandemic-enabled fit of ‘Git ‘er done!’

Quilt's fate – Birthday present for my son when he turns 3 later this year (not that he was even a glimmer on the horizon when it was started, lol!!). But the perfect recipient.

Panchita, I just did the same thing, only I didn’t even buy the template/ruler! Instead, experimented with a set of interlocking hexie templates to do a QAYG GFG. But I’m not as smart as you—the hexies finish at 5”. And they are sewn together by hand. Which begs the question: if you know it will take months or years to finish, when does it become a UFO?

We have 8 so far in October, but there is (almost always) an end of month flurry. Tomorrow we get Zeta, Weather Channel says. A good day to make chili and sew bindings. Stay safe, everyone.

entangled 10-29-2020 06:04 AM

WMUTeach, I have lived that story! Happened to me around January with 18 UFOs. I'm down to 14, although not all are finished tops. I'm working on my machine and hand quilting skills so I don't stall at that stage as long.

Only a few days left to get something done for the October UFO to FO count!

petthefabric 10-29-2020 12:36 PM

I'm getting more excited/desirorous of getting LA into commission again. Then the holding pattern will start landing.

oksewglad 10-30-2020 07:46 PM

Finished a quilt tonight...yeah! Will take pics tomorrow.
How it started. In 2017, My QBuddy and I saw a shop sample while out and about and we decided to do a sew along at our monthly get togethers.(Tic Tac Sew by Black Cat Creations) Both of us wanted to make it a tad longer so we added another 9" to the design. We worked diligently. She used scrap squares as well as scrap rectangles in country colors. I chose to use up some bright scraps, but bought fabric for the light rectangles and squares. We shared fabrics from each others scraps as well.

Why it stalled. She got hers off to a quilter and mine sat. Two years ago I bought a wide backing to finish mine...Oops I bought 1/2 yard too little and so it sat. A couple of weeks ago I bought the right amount of backing and laughing to myself as it's the same fabric but from a different shop!

And then. This past week I loaded it on the LA and started quilting a new pantograph (Lisa's raindrops from Urban Element) on it. Next sewed the scrappy bright binding I have had made for 3 years since getting the top done and now have it all stitched in place.

Pattern link

Rff1010 10-30-2020 09:22 PM

Oksewglad- that looks like a great pattern. Can't wait to see your version.

WMUTeach 10-31-2020 04:22 AM

No finish for me for October. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...s/confused.png I just can't get one finished by the end of the day today. Looking to finish one this coming week and then each week froward. Yes, big plan. I must reduce the UFO's before starting anything else.

oksewglad 11-01-2020 06:38 AM

UFO from Post# 1275
3 Attachment(s)
Last night, using my "new" hanging system I took a picture of the TicTacSew quilt. I think I need to take photos in the day light. Will take some pictures today with natural light to see how they look.

Picture #1 should show the PVC pole and the skirt hangers grasping the quilt. I need to get some more skirt hangers.
#2 the pole fitting in the between the ceiling joists and outer wall. The other end has a wood perpendicular board in the middle of the house that keeps the pvc from sliding off. This is a 1 1/4" (inner size) of PVC repurposed from our well pump redo and had only been down the shaft a week before it was replaced with 1 1/2" PVC. Thought I'd save something from our $4500 plumbing bill!
# 3 TicTacSew UFO all done...one Grand claimed it, but it's going to her 5 yo cousin in Massachusetts as she hasn't got a big bed quilt from Gram yet.

Teen 11-01-2020 11:05 AM

Outstanding finish, Ok!! Really love this quilt....and awesome quilt hanging system..Very creative...

WMUTeach 11-01-2020 04:42 PM

I have also found that my photos look better in day light. Even in the winter on a gray day, I will slip out on my patio and hook up my clip hangers on the frame of my sliding door and snap my photos. Much more accurate color.

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