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petthefabric 04-29-2021 04:32 PM

In Florida with daughter. Vacation for me involves spending money I wouldn't normally. Well I traveled clear across the nation and this is vacationl Must see what's different here. So I brought some fabric to match stash fabrics for a designated project. Then there was the 50% off section. And daughter said, "make this for me?" I caved. It felt so good. Let's see, that's travel exemption, covid exemption, birthday exemption, let me think there must be more. It's been at least 5 yrs since I bought like this.

thepolyparrot 04-29-2021 04:42 PM

You're doing just fine, petthefabric! :D Vacation calories don't count - vacation fabric doesn't either - especially after the year that we've had. ;)

Have a wonderful time and I know you're gonna jump right back on the wagon when you get your new purchases settled into your stash.

oksewglad 04-29-2021 04:59 PM

pet, great to have a get away and after 5 years of using stash, one must replenish. No matter how it goes out Iceb it's gone!

I'm working on t shirt quilts. Was able to used 1 1/2 yards for sashing in quilt #1; have to buy for small outer border and binding. Stole some red from GS's quilt for a border, but I finished the bolt on that piece so had plenty. I'm at a stand still as I am waiting for a couple more shirts to come in the mail; once I get them I can put sashing on the 3 blocks and put them in place 3/5 of the rows are sewn together and pieced borders are ready to go on when the center gets finished.

Thought I'd start on quilt #2 tonight; have the interfacings all cut for that one. But maybe will cut interfacings for quilt #3 instead. Work tomorrow so don't want to stay up too late!

Conchalea 04-29-2021 06:34 PM

K & I have paused on making lap quilts for the nursing home to concentrate on a table runner for her, and an overlarge twin quilt for my grandson's graduation. We paused at 18 completed lap quilts, and one more that we both decided had to stay with us as a wall hanging. Someone gave me small prints of Scotty dogs, which I cut & appliqued in blocks. There were only 6, which I sashed with red & black checked fabric, & put the blocks on a dark gray background. K quilted & bound it, & it's just too cute. I'll put it up during the fall & holidays. The Scotties & all the fabric for the 18 lap quilts came from stash, both mine & K's, so we're really using it up!
I have bought fabric for my grandson's quilt. Three separate purchase dates, but it's going to finished soon!

Iceblossom 04-30-2021 02:01 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Today I am really thinking about the discount I was given when I ordered that Dragonfly backing but I'm going to try and not act on it...

Instead I will be figuring out how to cut the sashing for the comfort top. We are going to grade the sashing from dark to light, easiest would be bottom to top, but also going to look at a diagonal thing.

Planes have significance to the person receiving the project. We slightly changed a traditional pattern, the directions were "preferably at least 2 colors for the plane and a sky backing".

The sashing fabric is from the Color Bars collection -- it has 1993 in the selvedge info and I remember buying the piece! Originally I was going to do some Seminole Piecing with it but this has come up first. The first photo shows two pieces, they had various color groups, forget if it was night and day or cold and hot or just what.

Picture two is two sets of the blocks, there will be 5 total

Third picture shows two of my cat-planes (other more vintage) plus the border, binding and backing which is all coming from stash.

The recipient is not only quilt worthy, but vintage fabric worthy! The backing is vintage with selvedge info, think it was 1953ish by the registered brand name was first used in 1952.

oksewglad 04-30-2021 05:40 AM

So instead of working on the next shirt last night I found almost a 3 yard piece of a beautiful French General piece in my stash. i designed a quilt around it and will take the fabric along to work and see if I can match fabric to my plan! Gotta get about 6 yards to use up 3...hmmm...

Unicorn Quilts 04-30-2021 01:47 PM

MSQC has free shipping today. Of course I looked and added things to my cart: some fun colored piecing thread, and an fmq ruler. At least it's not fabric - right? I looked through my current piecing thread stash - almost all neutrals, but enough to last years at my current pace. The ruler (Angela Walter's Shelly) isn't something I'd use on the tops I've currently got to baste. None of it was fabric, but I also didn't need any of it "right now," so I emptied my cart.

oksewglad 04-30-2021 04:18 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Well since I haven't claimed a bd exemption, a covid exemption, a vacation aka staycation exemption, I am calling one in today! I was only going to get the blush for the HST's and get the cream at a later date, but found a great match and a nice French General floral for the binding. Here's my plan based on a FrG pattern called St Remy. I choose to make it larger so made the HST's at 3". Overall size is about 20 inches wider and 24 inches longer than the inspiration.

retiredteacher09 04-30-2021 04:43 PM

Great purchases and projects being made/planned. I enjoy reading everyone's posts.

Yesterday, a quilter that I met while taking classes at the LQS invited several of us to her newly created Sewing Connection Center. She turned their living/family room into it. There were 9 sewing tables with adjustable shelves, Ott lights and waste baskets at each table, plus 2 ironing boards with irons and wool mats and the cutting table with rulers and rotary cutters. We had a great time and she said we are welcome on Thursdays. Her husband put electrical outlets on each of the tables and even gave some decorating ideas. It was nice to just grab my machine and a project or 2 and knowing she had the other supplies needed.

joe'smom 04-30-2021 06:40 PM

That's very pretty, oksewglad!

retiredteacher, what an interesting idea. Is she hoping to start a business, or just have company sewing?

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