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Iceblossom 05-12-2021 08:52 AM

Yay me! I slipped into the glory of on-line shopping just long enough to go to the one place I was going to go to get the rest of the yellow for Aunt Debbie's quilt.

Whew. The temptation for retail therapy has been rather high.

Now off to finish up the plane quilt layout. I really slacked off last week, but all of us are really energized after our Tuesday group and yesterday was gorgeous. Think I mentioned the hubby got in a minor accident and we are down to one car? Although I can walk to group I elected to drive him to/from work. I managed to pass the donut shop on the way there, but not on the way back and instead of tempting the others with fabric, it was with highly processed carbs.

And the donuts were delish!

petthefabric 05-12-2021 11:19 AM

I'm home from Florida. Did some vacation shopping. Also, covid, birthday, mother's day, and anything else I can think of. My suitcases were heavy but still under the weight max for the airplane.
Now, I'm ready to play with DD's project.

Unicorn Quilts 05-12-2021 05:46 PM

I got myself a fat quarter bundle for beating a weight loss goal. It was on sale, to boot!

WMUTeach 05-17-2021 03:53 AM

I joined a group of gals who sew for a local hospital, women's shelter and and nearby VA home. I joined just as the shut-down started so I never met with then until a month ago. At this first meeting I found what fabric they needed to make their items. I plan on "unloading" or should I more politely say, donating lots of my stash to our projects. This week-end I found 20 yards (2 yards per cut) for quilt backing for small throw quilts. One member uses 2.5 strips to make fabric rugs that are sold at craft fairs and the money donated to the group. I had a bin full of odds and ends from jelly rolls and sashing. I filled one of those brown paper grocery bags half-full.

All in all I am guessing I removed about 25 yards of fabric from my stash. Can't see a difference but It is gone and I did not have to sew a stitch.

oksewglad 05-17-2021 04:45 AM

In the spirit of the Moratorium, Unicorn, I hope you loose more body weight than gain Bwahahaha

WMU how fun to be able to share your extras with your new quilt friends!

WMUTeach 05-18-2021 04:34 AM

Picked up the pattern for the volunteer group's Christmas stockings yesterday. Oh goodness I can see the Christmas fabric disappearing from my stash already! I am meeting this afternoon with my Zoom quilting group and I will be making Christmas stockings for part of my time with them. I am shooting for 50, not all this afternoon, but eventually. I will squeeze in more as the summer wears on. It feels so good to be cleaning out good fabric that is unwanted or unneeded.

Iceblossom 05-18-2021 06:11 AM

What fun, WMUTeach! When I did my first purge of fabric I found I had two boxes of Christmas fabric. I kept out the true red/white/green and sent the rest of the box to the Forgotten Children's Fund to make stockings. LOL, they did not see me coming when they ran their Craig's List ad but I kept the group very busy indeed.

Sigh. Been having all sorts of problems with Aunt Debbie's quilt. The background fabric said 43" width, I needed 42, but it only had 40" usable, those darn big selvedges and then about a half inch from them, those little "pookie" holes in the fabric. So, instead of getting 4 solid squares, I can only get 3 across. Even if I piece what I have, I'm still short. And of course -- it's trendy seasonal fabric and now discontinued. After much searching I was able to find someone with yardage and I bought the 2 yards they had. It's almost the same price as if I had bought 6 fat quarters (because they would still be narrow I could only count on one 10.5 square per FQ!! Is ok, looks like the binding will be made with the remaining floral.

And then just this morning, I was cutting the solid blue fabric. Now, I'm sure they gave me straight cuts from the bolt (each side was 36" after all), but on the grain it was severely warped and trimming it to grain meant I lost two full strips, one on either side -- the yard I bought was again, 2 inches more than I needed until reality hit. I didn't have the quilt drafted when I ordered either, I debated whether or not to buy more at the time... as I say, I like it when I have half a yard too much more than 2" too short...

That's ok, is a Kona and now I know (University of Michigan Blue = Kona Navy, yellow is Bright Yellow) I can get those easily. Already ordered, will get here about the same time as the background.

Back to work for me, weather is good enough that I can bring some of this to group today. We are still meeting outside, our host's husband is in fragile state and even with vaccinations, she's keeping the house a clean zone.

ckcowl 05-21-2021 04:12 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Well, Benjamin ( quilting son in Kentucky) has finished another quilt from the Jinny Beyer MoonGlow quilt kit I sent him- I bought it as a BOM years ago, put the first block together then all the remaining went into a box- years ago- I finally decided I was never going to get to it so sent it all to Ben. Today Iím packing up a new box to send him- he needs more Black fabric- and I just found a 6 yard piece thatís been buried for a long time. I will put a few more pieces of colors in as Iím getting his package ready and heís been doing ( practicing/experimenting) thread painting and I have lots of variegated threads I will send. He does everything on a Brother Project Runway machine and is enjoying trying out all he can do with it. In the meantime Iím able to Declutter, find new inspiration from what I have and havenít had to purchase anything except 1 yard of fabric I needed to finish a project.
here are some of Benís most recent endeavors. The MoonGlow quilt, an exploding star he played with and the thread painting heís trying

Iceblossom 05-21-2021 05:21 AM

How funny, I was just thinking about that Moonglow project! I think the blue color bars fabric I'm using for the comfort quilt was from about the same time period (maybe my fabric is just a bit earlier). But there was a bunch of stuff about luminosity and ways we were playing with fabric at that time period. I originally bought the pieces intending to use them for Seminole piecing but just never got to the intended project.

I should have that comfort top finished today. Our member who was going to do the quilting just can't -- she was the recipient of the last comfort quilt project and has too much going on. She's also the furthest away, but we have adjusted the participation and batting to the closer three. Hope to have it done by June 2 or 9th, but my participation ends earlier.

The extra background floral I had to get for Aunt Debbie's quilt arrived yesterday. Hooray! I'm hoping the blue solid (along with some black yardage because I also was out of black) will arrive today and can all get prewashed together.

We are taking a little overnight trip next week on Monday, be home Tuesday. My old dog Buddy is down to "not much left" in terms of time. Going to have a really nice road trip and doggie walks together while it is still possible. We found a fun Air BnB bunk house at a ranch in the middle of nowhere, best described as past Tri-Cities but not yet Walla Walla, basically the opposite diagonal corner from where we are, down by Idaho and Oregon. The hubby has never been to that part of the state, I haven't been since I lived in Idaho in 1978. I understand that they grow grapes now and it looks much different than the dry wheat and such as I remember.

joe'smom 05-21-2021 09:47 AM

ckcowl, your son is very creative and does beautiful work! How long has he been quilting?

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