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ckcowl 05-21-2021 11:54 AM

Originally Posted by joe'smom (Post 8485405)
ckcowl, your son is very creative and does beautiful work! How long has he been quilting?

he hadn’t really sewn at all before the Covid shut down caused him to lose his job, about a week after losing his job he sent me a picture of himself sitting in front of his machine- set up on a TV tray- trying out each stitch it would do. He had asked for a machine a year earlier to hem some pants, I sent it to him- his life was busy and he had not even opened it until the shut down happened
he has been totally self taught- on occasion sending me a picture with an ( ok, what did I do wrong? ) question.
I believe he has made between 30&40 quilts in this past 15 months. Each one a surprise . He sent me up a box with 12 to get quilted for him but he’s even quilted a few himself.
im in Michigan, he’s in Kentucky

joe'smom 05-21-2021 01:00 PM

What a wonderful story! Did you have an inkling that he was so artistic?

ckcowl 05-21-2021 03:32 PM

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Originally Posted by joe'smom (Post 8485443)
What a wonderful story! Did you have an inkling that he was so artistic?

he has always been my ( rainbow child) so good with colors. I used to have a pattern for a quilt I wanted to make, pull the fabrics I planned to use- he would stop by- I would say...Iím going to make This.... these are the fabrics I chose, what dio you think?
he would pull a couple out- toss them over his shoulder... then after a couple more he would gather what I chose and disappear to the fabric shelves- come back out with all new fabrics and say- there ya go...and leave again.
generally when I was planning a French bra or Bargello quilt- he could always put those runs together. And, heís always drawn great pictures. He is having fun playing with textiles now.
When he decided to cut up old jeans and make a quilt I was so surprised when he showed me his quilt
heres his denim quilt and a few others heís created- the purple and teal one is one he sent me to quilt that is a special gift for his big sister

retiredteacher09 05-21-2021 04:32 PM

ckcowl: Itís fun seeing his quilt designs. Thanks for sharing.

Iceblossom: Enjoy your trip!

rryder 05-22-2021 02:24 AM

Ckcowl- love seeing his wonderful quilts! Amazing what he has accomplished in the past 15 months.

Thanks for sharing.


WMUTeach 05-22-2021 03:12 AM

Ckcowl, it is always interesting to follow the journey of creativity of an artist. Some start out as little children while other fall into their :"gift" much later. Truth be told, my guess is that they have been learning aspects of artistry all along the way and then found a venue that allowed all of the pieces to fit together. I often think of my SIL, who tried every craft under the sun: basket weaving, tole painting, crochet, embroidery and on and on. Some how, some where she fell upon quilting and in about two years she went from novice to master quilter with stunning colors, precise piecing, applique, fine celtic knots with bias strips, story quilts and all hand quilted except baby quilts. She was the fastest hand quilter with the tiniest stitches. She tried every technique and no pattern was too challenging for her. She discovered quilting in her late 30's or early 40's and passed away at 48. Her passion for quilting has been and still is inspiring 20 years later.

You son has found the place where his artist skills have intersected and what beautiful work he is creating. You must be so proud to find that he is following in you interest in fabric and color but he is exploring new ways of using this interests to create pieces that are eye catching and likely a little challenging then ..... on to the next challenge. I am enjoying his journey through your postings along with others on the Board.

Iceblossom 05-22-2021 03:39 AM

All the extra/re-ordered fabric for Aunt Debbie Bleeds Blue is now in the prewash! Don't think I mentioned it here, but in my recent thrift store travels I found one of the Mabel Extra Wide Ironing Boards, which has long been on my list of things I am actually looking for! I have a new ironing board cover on order, that should get here in a day or two. It is an amazing thing, this ironing board -- for someone who hates to iron as much as I do yet manages to do so much of it, I am in love with my new board. LOL, it is so adjustable in height, I now have the perfect surface height. It is so sturdy that I am tempted to do gymnastics and vault over it but then reality comes back... it does make the ironing better and that's what counts.

I decided yesterday as I was putting the rows together for the comfort quilt that I need to add one more narrow inner border, I think it will help attach the outer border, just looks too stark/slapped on right now. It was too late to start that yesterday so it is my morning task to cut the few extra pieces, and top will be finished today.

And yes, I've been enjoying the stories of Benjamin as they are being posted! Isn't a wonderful thing to see someone take off creatively?

ckcowl 05-22-2021 04:55 AM

Thanks all of you enjoying Ben’s journey with me- at first I was( unsure) about posting his stuff- he doesn’t have a computer or internet-
I love ( showing off his work for him) he’s searching for a way to take it further- hoping to help him find a future

oksewglad 05-22-2021 05:50 AM

ckcowl...I think between you and your son, you are making lemonade out of lemons. Ben with no job because of Covid and finding a way to be productive as well as a developing a new passion...and you, finding a home for extra fabric, plus the satisfaction of watching Ben's progress.

acheela 05-22-2021 04:49 PM

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So hereís the last 3 I made. The 2 baby quilts I did have to buy panels, but the third one is all from stash other than my backing. I donít have quantities big enough unless I piece one together. Iím really liking my new Juki that made these hassle free.

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