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retiredteacher09 04-15-2021 04:19 PM

juliasb: That was an awesome buy!

Iceblossom: You did a great job of putting the parts together. Yuck to all of the papers and tape.

happylab 04-15-2021 06:16 PM

juiasb - great buy.

Iceblossom, you did a fantastic job on the inherited UFO project. Such lovely colors.

WMUTeach 04-16-2021 03:27 AM

Yes, I went shopping. Working on the Harriet's Journey quilt and using only Civil War prints. I needed more variety for my quilt. The spare fabric from HJ will join another CW quilt or two or three. It sure felt good to shop for a specific quilting project and to dive into some new choices. I did not have any CW fabric in my stash and yearned for something new and challenging.

Iceblossom 04-16-2021 03:45 AM

Hey there, WMU, wish we were closer. As I say... I have a box of civil war fabrics and I don't particularly like or use them, that's why I still have them! Many are just gorgeous though, a lot of what I have are my 10" Y2K era swapping squares, right when Civil War fabrics were first popular -- and Thimbleberries, similar toned but more modern prints.

I usually make about 5-6 tops per year and I generally know a couple of years in advance on what I'm working on. Last year was supposed to be the year of the Civil War quilts and I had two planned, and one fairly well thought out and probably enough fabric for at least one more... Right now, the subject matter is still too fresh and close for me. The colors too gray. The productivity is just not there.

The projects are good, they will probably feel soothing after the year of bright I see ahead of me! Maybe next year...

But if there is anything I can help you with fabric-wise let me know :) Otherwise, it does indeed feel good to go shopping with a purpose and keep to that!

Rff1010 04-17-2021 07:56 AM

Iceblossom- it's like watching a serial and you can't wait for the next episode. Keep up the good work and no matter whether the Original Owner takes it back or it becomes a "Failed Foster"...you are bringing BEAUTY into the world. It's a blessing.

petthefabric 04-17-2021 08:47 AM

my biggest challenge today is what to drink instead of coffee with my cocoa. Strong tea? Maybe? We're also out of milk, eggs, ham, sausage. There was bacon in the freezer. Breakfast was a challange. Neither of us really like cereal. Need to visit the grocery. Hubby said tomorrow for the 1/2 day trip. Sunday will be good because there's less stores open to call my name. Joannes doesn't interest me and LQS's are closed. But the nursery will be open and it's Spring. What can I say.
Last night on news was a story on Covid Online Shopaholics. There's always a way for a "fix".

juliasb 04-17-2021 10:40 AM

I buy my WOW fabrics in a volume of 15 yards or more. This way it last longer for the amount that I use. I went to cut a 2 yrd piece the other day and behold there was some faint blue writing on it. I was thrilled when fabric.com offered to replace or refund the money. I may be able to get some use out of it and just lose that large area. I am hoping . So now fabric will be coming in the mail, a squishy, for me to play with and I didn't have to buy this piece , or so it seems. Trying to stay on track and not doing to badly.

Rff1010 04-17-2021 05:36 PM

Juliab- you'll be able to use it for something!

Iceblossom 04-18-2021 07:29 AM

In today's chapter of The Feathered Star Turns -- turns out that yes, the quilt is mine. Mine mine mine!

But there is a cautionary tale attached, and it is the reason some of us are trying to use and not acquire stash. The friend my Tuesday Lady is helping lives out of state and is dealing with an estate clearing. Her father recently passed and with him gone, her mother is in memory care. There is an entire house of beautiful things to deal with. The good news is that the fabric and assorted equipment was never a financial issue, the family already has many beautiful pieces, and they do not need to get cash -- they want it to be appreciated and used preferably in charitable donations but appreciation is enough and mostly they want it gone. LOL they agree with my initial assessment of why it was never finished sounds like mom.

I have offered to help with the sorting and such, as well as finding organizations/people that will use the fabric in many ways -- some of which probably will be home crafters trying to make something for income, but 501c organizations preferred.

Sometimes it helps the family feeling overwhelmed that Mom (or whoever) had fun buying the fabric and playing with it, even if it didn't get used, a smile was usually involved with each purchase.

We know the Quilter's Wills, this is a case where maybe I get to help with the sorting and I have a good idea of whether a vintage machine is valuable or not. Whether that is "just" a table, or a Koala sewing cabinet... things like that. There is going to be stuff left for others to do when I go -- but it won't be a full basement! Maybe only because I don't have a basement but that's another story :p

joe'smom 04-18-2021 01:04 PM

I'm in grave danger of making a ridiculous purchase. I received the regular email from Vintage and Vogue this week, and they were featuring the Hillensberg pattern by Michelle Yeo (which looks like it would be no end of trouble to make) and I've been fascinated with it ever since. They have pattern, templates and kits. You all know the story -- I'll be lucky if I live long enough to get through the patterns and fabric I already have, etc., etc. Also, I've never bought any fabric or kit that, given enough time, I didn't realize I could have lived without. I have some moments of lucidity reviewing all this, and then somehow, I am back to thinking about the quilt.


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