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Teen 07-13-2021 09:53 AM

Thank you, everyone!

Iceblossom…I’m not a fan of theme/novelty fabrics but now is the time for Halloween projects. You’ll likely see lots of shops advertising patterns to make use of them. My emails, recently, have been all about Halloween, Autumn, Fall crap. And, I love working with directional fabrics…takes longer but worth it in the end..

Iceblossom 07-15-2021 06:30 AM

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So even though Aunt Debby Bleeds Blue isn't done yet, I'm putting my thoughts towards the "next" project.

I had planned, before the Judy Niemeyer UFO came into my life, and then this Aunt Debby quilt that I'd be working on a sampler project that I like quite a bit right about now. Today I'm leaning towards making something more planned/less cutting. Lots of strips of fabric that go together in a top... I have an idea for a pattern, I have an idea for the fabric. I'll let it percolate while I sew on the final arcs to their foundation blocks, one set pinned and ready to go, the other set not quite enough pins.

Don't think you can really see the stitching in either picture well -- here's my hiding Seahawk fabric still pinned already sewn down ditch.

The little pie pieces will go down next, same way, and that will be enough along with the side seams to hold everything together nicely. To help me put the arcs in the right place, I made a cardboard template from the pie piece and trimmed off the seam allowance/plus overhang onto the fan blades -- have to make sure the pie pieces do cover that bottom arc.

Iceblossom 07-18-2021 04:35 AM

Have the fan blocks done, hope to get a layout shot later today but hubby still in bed and makes a big lump under the pictures.

Have a definite contender for the next project, need to see if the yardage I want to use is enough. Project is Full Bloom, from the July 2021 AQ magazine, but my fabric has frogs. Large (directional of course!) frogs in beach gear...

joe'smom 07-18-2021 08:01 PM

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These are my latest prepped FQ quilts. The first three are from the end of last year, at which point I realized how perfect these prep quilts can be as leader/ender projects. The log cabin star has been my leader/ender project for this year as I work on my various BOMs and the Harriet quilt.

Iceblossom 07-19-2021 06:40 AM

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Nice projects all, Joe'smom! I'm really liking the lightness of them.

I still have quite a bit of bold and bright ahead of me, here's what Aunt Debbie Bleeds Blue is starting to look like. I need to take some time today and think about the directional fabrics and how I want to deal with them.... It is square and more and more I'm thinking to rotate out from the center -- the center star is deliberately non-directional.

I cut the large floral to be up/down directional but I had to buy more, I think I have enough so that they are all the same if I choose to recut. Sort of the advantage of when the best buy of the fabric was a 2 yard piece...

joe'smom 07-19-2021 08:45 AM

That's so interesting, Iceblossom. Very innovative use of fans!

Teen 07-19-2021 11:37 AM

Really pretty projects, you guys…. Joesmom….I love the log cabin….that’s one of my favorite layouts for a LC and yours turned out so cool..

Iceblossom…ric-rac adds such a creative touch …pretty fabric..

retiredteacher09 07-19-2021 04:23 PM

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joe’s mom and Iceblossom: Wonderful creativity in your projects.

I finished my June Color Blocks quilt top. I’m a little behind. Lol! It is 60” by 80” and will be given to my church group to finish. The wind picked up when I was trying to get a picture. 🤷‍♀️

rryder 07-20-2021 04:18 AM

Iceblossom- very interesting arrangement! I like the fans/drunkards path mashup.

Connie- congratulations on getting the June colorblock top done. I'm also behind- June is ready for binding, but July is barely started.


Iceblossom 07-20-2021 07:39 AM

I'm happy with my layout now for Aunt Debbie Bleeds Blue. I had enough extra fabric that I recut two of the large floral background pieces, instead of being a one-way top to bottom direction, since this is square I've come up with a pretty good layout so that basically all four sides are "top" now...

Today is Tuesday group, I got all the blocks labeled and will pin them together at group. I'm beginning to think about the quilting down, with a long arm I'd do a floral meander over the whole thing with a yellow thread. Don't think I'm up to that sit down so am trying to think of other options.

That Full Bloom project from the recent AQ magazine will be next, if I can find enough "sand" fabric to go with the beach frogs. Think I sent out a good piece of that in a recent box...

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