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rryder 01-20-2021 05:42 AM

Bluebell- welcome to the thread. As others have mentioned, everyone is welcome. It’s a great place to get support for using stash and buying more mindfully. We are always happy to give folks a hand back up onto the wagon when they fall off!


Julienm1 01-20-2021 07:06 AM

Making NEW fab today. Decided to use up scraps and hopefully have enough to make a 40 x 50 quilt. Found the pattern on this link and thought ...great pattern for mindless sewing. Sewing table is covered with strips, ironing board strips ready for pressing, and IN A CONTAINER, strips ready for cutting.
I realize I remember sewing with some of this fabric and brings a smile to my face which makes DH nervous...wondering what I'm planning now...https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/biggrin.png

oksewglad 01-20-2021 07:36 AM

Originally Posted by Blue Bell (Post 8454195)
Thank you for letting me stay in the group. I have a huge stash so I really shouldn't even buy a thread of fabric. Last year, I set a goal of making 10 to 12 quilts for charity. I used the patterns for 3 one yard quilts, easy and quick. I made 12 quilts and have several fabrics picked out to make more this year. I should make a goal of one quilt a week. That would would really make a dent in my stash.

Wow..good for you with such admirable goals and completions! E, I have been working 3 days a week for the past 9 months and that has cut into sewing time here. Last week dropped down to 2 days as in winter we have less traffic at the shop. Sewglad to have you join us; again welcomehttps://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/smile.png

Going to work on some more 6" blocks today. Sun is shining, but cold here.

WMUTeach 01-20-2021 02:52 PM

Ups and Downs of 2020
1 Attachment(s)
My first finish for 2021. I started it in 2020, it is really a UFO, but I finished it yesterday and top, back and binding was from my stash!! (I did not count in last year's numbers. It wasn't finished.) I named it "Ups and Downs of 2020". https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/boy.gif

rryder 01-21-2021 05:49 AM

Cool finish and great that it’s all from stash!

I need to put the top and bottom borders on my Debbie Brown color block quilt and then it will be ready for sandwiching! Although I did the color blocks all in blues, my Blue scrap drawer is still fairly full. Trying to decide what colors to do for next month’s color block. I’ve got lots of black scraps and I’ve always wanted to do a black and red quilt, but not sure Until I see her reveal for Feb. if I want to do those. Was originally thinking red blocks on black background, but I also think a red and black checkerboard for the blocks would be neat... then again, I’ve got more yellow scraps than anything else, with blues now running a close second... not to mention tons of fat quarters that I’ve been hoarding... I could do a rainbow themed series of blocks...it’s a lot of fun pondering the possibilities represented in my scrap drawers.


ckcowl 01-21-2021 08:58 AM

5 Attachment(s)
I managed to get the 2020 temperature quilt all put together- completely from stash and scraps, it turned out Huge! Much larger than I expected- guess my (TBI) still effects my math processing. Oh well, my daughter is going to Love it. It is 104Ē square.
I will have to purchase backing for it, I donít think I have anything large enough for it. Bumber

i also used scraps & stash fabric for my National Quilt Museum January 2021 BOM challenge block. This year we are doing a QAYG project ( quilt as you go) itís going to be fun I think.
I used up 9 yards of stash fabric and scrap batting getting 7 baby/ kid quilts quilted and bound. Iím starting the new year getting things done

rryder 01-21-2021 11:02 AM

Wow Ck! You're on a roll. Congratulations on using so much stash. My 2017 temp quilt will also be quite large, if I ever get the borders and key put on it. I think that's the nature of the beast, unless you do them the way some of the first ones I saw were done- those were not quite so large. Some of the first ones I saw did high temp for each week instead of each day.


petthefabric 01-21-2021 12:40 PM

power's been out since Mon PM due to wind damage to lines. Cutting doesn't take electricity with daylight. So cut out two projects. Comfort quilts: 48 x 72".

retiredteacher09 01-21-2021 04:55 PM

Rob: You made great progress on your Color Block quilt top assembly.

ckcowl: Great finishes!

petthefabric: Oh yuck to no electricity. I hope your generator is keeping up.

Conchalea 01-21-2021 06:18 PM

CK, your industrious quilting is amazing! You are really powering through your quilts & stash.
I finished my Ripple quilt yesterday. The blocks have a light area that to me look like Li, the chemical symbol for Lithium. (You cant take the need out of me) So I call it the Lithium quilt. Each block is a bright color, 33 of the 35 from the same jelly roll, all from my stash. I added sashing because some of the block colors clashed next to others. The sashing & back were also from stash. All in all I figure 8.85 yards out of my closet & my friend's closet. We had a great time working on it.

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