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Thread: banana/fruit roll ups

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    banana/fruit roll ups

    My grand kids love it when I put fruit roll ups in their Christmas stockings. First I put some Saran Wrap on a cookie sheet. I pull the Saran Wrap long enough to wrap clear around the top and I tape it good. Some times I put the wrap on the bottom of the pan. Then I put some bananas and other fruit in the blender or the baby food grinder - grind real good. Then I use a funnel (with my finger over the hole to stop and start) to put it on the lined pans in long skinny lines as long as the pan and about an inch wide plus or minus. Then I set the pans on a makeshift shelf or in the oven. To use the oven, I put a light on in the oven and leave the door slightly open and run the fan (the draw back is you can't use the oven for a couple days...) If I want a bigger batch I make a shelf out of the ladder by putting a couple boards across the rungs (you have to have the right ladder I guess. Then I put a halogen light on the floor - Drape a sheet over the whole thing and close it off with a clothes pin. For a really big batch, I've also used an empty closet - I put a tension rod over the door way of the closet and hung a sheet. I put the halogen light on the floor away from the sheet or anything that could catch. Then I turn on a fan - you can set it under a ceiling fan or put one near the closet. Just leave the 'leather' alone for a couple days and it will dry. Once it gets dry you can peel the dried fruit leather off the plastic, roll it up, put it in a sandwich bag, twist the opening of the bag tight and tie a pretty ribbon on it - I color code them so nobody can say so and so is eating MINE. Then clip off excess plastic. The leather will pretty much turn brown but it tastes ok enough that they beg me to make it every year. (We aren't into sweets very much.) When I remember I put a packet of True Lemon into the blended up fruit mess. They don't peel very good until they are pretty dry although some people try to sneak in and see if it is dry yet..... You have to allow for that.... I don't have any idea how long they keep - never had to. I don't know how long it takes to dry - it depends on the humidity when you are doing it. You need warmth but not too warm. You need air circulation and something to cover for dust and keep hands out...
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