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Favorite Secret Ingredient In a Recipe?

Favorite Secret Ingredient In a Recipe?

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Default Favorite Secret Ingredient In a Recipe?

Beets in brownies. My son hates beets but loves the brownies.
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Originally Posted by tropit View Post
I do that too. We grow our own almonds, so I make the extract too. I like it much more than vanilla and it's way cheaper for me.
Please tell how do you make almond extract. My first thought is soaking almonds in some type of alcohol and the almonds would have to be extremely fresh, much like you get when you have your own trees! How lucky you are.
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Try adding a dash of cinnamon to carrots cooked in butter.
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Originally Posted by aashley333 View Post
Try adding a dash of cinnamon to carrots cooked in butter.
...........and with some maple syrup to really up the deliciousness!!
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"Better Than Bouillon" jars are always in my pantry. I keep two of every flavor stocked. My teen niece only wanted Ramen to eat morning and night. I made a bowl of angel hair spaghetti, mixed a little Chicken Better then Bouillon with hot water, add parsley, and added the noodles. She cleaned the pot. Said it was the best Ramen she ever had. LOL For creamy Ramen add a slice of good melting cheese like American cheese to the hot water.
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Originally Posted by illinois View Post
So then I'm reminded of the woman who was an excellent cook and everyone loved her potato salad. She received many requests for the recipe but she refused to share it, replying "over my dead body". When she died, her family had the recipe carved onto her gravestone!
Love it! Life is too short to keep such silly secrets.
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horseradish in tuna or macaroni salad.... and homebaked beans!
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A scant spoonful of sugar in any tomato soup or sauce. Cuts the acid for a smoother taste.
Collards and other greens, turnips, and even green beans benefit from the sugar trick as well.

For recipes that call for nuts, heat them in the microwave long enough to warm them. It elevates the nutty flavor and makes them taste fresh again. We had pecan trees but people don't know that lots of a nut's great taste is lost in storage.

This one will rock your next pot luck! Grandmother's Pennsylvania Dutch Slaw: Replace your mayo with sour cream and a spoonful of sugar, add lightly toasted chopped pecans (best) or smoked almonds. I am the only person outside my family who apparently knows this trick. You are welcome!

Baked beans- replace the cinnamon with cloves. Gives the dish a wonderful, but different taste. You know the same but better!

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Lightly toast your nuts and seeds before adding them to a recipe. It's really a game changer.
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Thank You. I just had to throw lemons out. This will come in handy next time I buy lemons at Sam's club.
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