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Old 12-14-2020, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Onebyone View Post
  • Hulless popcorn does not exist as popcorn needs to have a hull to pop. However, there are some varieties that have been specially bred to shatter the hull upon popping and thus the end result appears virtually hulless.
I guess there may be a special brand of mushroom popcorn that has the shattering hull, but I haven't looked.

I set a plastic colander ,with big enough slots in it, under the air popper. After it is done popping I shake the colander over the sink and the hulls fall out. Then place the popcorn in a bowl add butter and salt.... yummy
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Old 12-16-2020, 08:01 AM
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We purchased "mushroom popcorn" from Smart and Final. Only option was 25 pounds - so we shared. It really makes a difference when popping - lots more surface for caramel or any addition. Good stuff!
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we've been buying it for years at local (Amish) bulk food stores. I wouldn't go back to regular popcorn now
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Amazon has a lot of it several from Amish stores
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Originally Posted by Cheshirepat View Post
You had me at "King Size kernals"!!! I swear, I could subsist (not healthily mind you) on popcorn and a few other snacks. I also use coconut oil, and just a bit of salt to pop on top of the stove. No butter needed that way, it's delicious! I'll have to look out for this!
LOL...I have an acquaintance that did just that! She ate nothing but popcorn for about 6 months. She loves popcorn, wanted to lose weight, and figured she'd rather give up food and just eat popcorn. She did lose about 30 pounds, and has kept the weight off. She did integrate food back into her diet, but still eats a ton of popcorn!
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I may have to try that diet.
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@Anniedeb - Wow, I can't believe that's an actual thing! I now have goals, ha!
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sighhh....all this talk about popcorn....I love popcorn....and I want to make some....but I read the comment about not giving popcorn to dogs.....and my dog loves popcorn.....looked up the vet comments...some say no...and some say a little bit is ok....as long as it does not have butter and salt on it. Now what good is that???? I think I will have to make some popcorn with butter on it....and hide from my dog to eat it....owwwwww....that is really bad isn't it?
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Had a family dachshund, that would go crazy every time he heard corn popping. He enjoyed eating it for 14 years and making it without adding butter never, ever happened. Popcorn is pretty much just a vehicle for melted butter, right?
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