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Thread: Need Homemade Yellow Rice Recipe

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    Apr 2008
    Gulf Coast, FL
    It seems no matter how many bags of the stuff I buy, I never have any on hand when I need it. Does anyone have a recipe that uses Saffron, so I can bite the bullet use the expensive stuff and keep it on hand?

    I am allergic to peppers so a recipe that either doesn't have them or where it would be okay to leave them out would be just perfect!


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    As you know saffron is very expensive, but I have used it to make yellow rice and can't remember how much I used.

    The less expensive alternative and just as good is to use powdered turmeric. I don't measure things, so just sprinkle it in the water with the uncooked rice ( til you are satisfied with the color) and cook the rice as usual. Turmeric is good for you, too.

    You can put anything else in with the rice that you want.

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    Easy Saffron Rice Recipe

    Prep Time: 2 minutes
    Cook Time: 20 minutes
    Serves 4

    2 cups Thai jasmine-scented rice (OR any white rice, except minute rice)
    3 1/2 cups chicken or vegetable stock, or plain water
    1/2 tsp. salt (omit if using stock)
    1/2 tsp. (loose) saffron
    1/3 tsp. turmeric

    Pour stock or water into a medium-size pot (you will also need a tight-fitting lid). Place pot on the stove over high heat.
    Allow stock or water to come to a boil. Add the saffron and turmeric. Stir well to dissolve the turmeric.
    Add the rice and salt, if using. Stir well.
    When the rice water/stock returns to boiling (it should be bubbling), reduce heat to medium-low (2.5 on the dial). Partially cover with the lid, so that the lid is askew - 3/4 covering the pot.
    Allow the rice is cook undisturbed in this way for another 15-20 minutes, or until all or most of the liquid has been absorbed by the rice. Tip: Insert a fork or knife straight down into the pot and push the rice aside. If you see liquid, it still needs more time to cook.
    When all or most of the liquid is gone, turn off the heat and place the lid on tight. Allow the pot is remain on the burner with the lid on for at least 5 minutes, or until you're ready to eat. The residual heat inside the pot will "steam" the rice. Also, the rice will stay hot in this way for another 30 minutes up to 1 hour.
    When you're ready to eat, remove the lid and fluff the rice with chopsticks or a fork. See below for links to curry recipes and other Thai food that goes well with saffron rice. Enjoy!

    Note: You may notice a few remaining "threads" of saffron in your cooked rice - this is normal and they're completely edible (AND good for you!).

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    Apr 2008
    Gulf Coast, FL
    Thank you very much Sonray, it's been so fustrating wanting it and not having any on hand no matter how many of those packages I bought at the store.

    When I googled it I only found one, and it had onions, which aren't really a family "favorite". I apperciate you typing it out for me. :D

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