This is something I grew up with, it is so easy to do and such a great winter warmer dish.

1 haddock fillet per person
Semi Skimmed milk (2%)
Part baked bread.

Take a wide, shallow pan, big enough for your haddock fillets to be put in so they are not cramped. Fill the pan with half water and half milk, enough that it will cover the fish when you put it in. Add a knob of butter, salt and pepper. Throw in a bay leaf if you have one.

Heat until the liquid starts to simmer. Lower the heat so it stays at this level of barely simmering, not boiling.

Gently slide your haddock into the liquid, and paoch for 8-10 mins. You will know when it is done as the flesh turns opaque. If you are not sure, use a fork to gently seperate the flakes of flesh at the thickest point of the fillet so see inside.

Meanwhile, make sure you have put your part baked loaf in the oven so it is ready at the same time as the fish.

Also, while the fish is cooking, in a seperate pan, poach an egg per person, or more if you love eggs like I do!

Gently lift the fish out of the liquid when it is done, and serve topped with the poached eggs.

Slice the bread and stick it all on the table with a dish of butter and dig in!