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Chasing Hawk 12-02-2020 10:18 AM

Bread question
Our Nutritionist has had us cut out Breads, Biscuits and Flour Tortillas.

My main question is about some type of bread that feels like bread, sort of tastes like it but made without AP flour.

Any ideas or recipes some of you might share would be helpful. We are not doing this because of any allergy. Just to lose
Bread won't be an everyday occurrence if I can find a good recipe. Just something to have with homemade soups.

charley26 12-02-2020 10:47 AM

Porridge bread? Made wholly with porridge oats. I have a recipe if you wish.

Onebyone 12-02-2020 11:00 AM

Sometimes you just have to have bread. I like Pepperidge Farms Very Thin sliced bread. It is thin! I made spinach bread before using eggs and spinach. . It is strong of spinach tastes tough. Good for grilled cheese.


Battle Axe 12-02-2020 11:18 AM

One of the things in American bread that causes inflamation if something called Azod. It is a bread conditioner and is not on the good list. I've tried sprout bread that tastes like cardboard. One can use spelt to see is that works. Most of the time it does not. We are so terribly conditioned it is just so hard to stop drinking Dr. Pepper, give up bread and Ice Cream!!!!
Recently a friend has suggested a book by Michael Symond Fix it with food.

Onebyone 12-02-2020 01:14 PM

Organic flour does not contain Azod (Azodicarbonamide) or other additives. Enriched flour has a lot of additives. Flour is bleached unless it says unbleached. Bleached flour doesn't need as much time in the silos so saves money in the storage time. That is the only reason for it, flour will turn white on it's own after milling but takes time. If you can't by organic then at least get unbleached. I use the Pepperidge Farm very thin bread even though it is not that healthy. It would be very hard to keep from enriched flour products unless you made every one from scratch.

GingerK 12-02-2020 02:09 PM

My DH is on a keto diet and we make 'chaffles'. The recipe uses almond flour and is made in a mini waffle iron, altho I think you could fry them like pancakes too. They are sturdy enough to use as hamburger buns!

We also just discovered 90 second keto bread. There are several recipes out there but he really likes this one.
90 second bread

1 large egg
1 tbsp. milk
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. coconut flour
1 tbsp. almond flour
1/4 tsp. baking powder
pinch salt
optional add in's--1/4 c. grated cheese, 1 tbsp. minced fresh green onion or herbs

Whisk egg and add other ingredients. Mix everything together and pour into a tall microwave safe cup. Tap bottom firmly on the counter a few times to get rid of air bubbles. Microwave on high for 1 minute and 30 secounds.

Invert cup on cutting board and let bread slide out. Cut into 1/2 inch thick slices. To toast, heat some butter or oil in a frying pan. Add slices and fry for about 30 seconds on each side. Watch carefully.

There are a lot of great keto bread and biscuit recipes around. Just ask Mr. Google.

Iceblossom 12-02-2020 04:07 PM

We also do the 90-second keto bread, learned about it here after the hubby switched to a keto lifestyle. He's lost about 200 pounds and maintained the loss for over a year, and is still keto and very happy. He does get regular doctor appts and lab work done.

There are some pretty pricey keto friendly breads out there that can be ordered. We are fortunate enough to be able to get this at Costco, think it is still close to $4-5 per loaf/package of buns but it allows us actual bread.
Note: This is nice bread tasting/bread looking/bread textured but I do not advise toasting this. Turns it hard but not toast... it grills nicely if you spread mayo on the outside, or use butter. Nice thing about keto is use of butter.

Prior to that, Franz makes a "white" whole wheat that was our best choice for a low carb sandwich. It toasts fine.

Costco has some other things that are nice to have/can be made at home in terms of wraps made from cheese and/or cauliflower or other things.

QuiltE 12-02-2020 04:14 PM

Originally Posted by charley26 (Post 8439070)
Porridge bread? Made wholly with porridge oats. I have a recipe if you wish.

Oh please do share it with us all .... you have me totally intrigued!

rjwilder 12-03-2020 05:20 AM

Since your nutritionist asked you to give up bread to help you lose weight you should follow her advice. The Chaffle recipe from GingerK uses 1/4 of batter for a mini chaffle and it has 208 calories. Can you really stop eating after one mini chaffle? Eat two and you've racked up 416 calories, if you put butter on it you've added more calories. In order to reduce your weight you've got to give up some things and stick to the diet plan from the nutritionist. My friend lost 80 pounds by counting calories and walking daily. She stuck to the plan and has maintained her weight for almost 5 years. It was hard for her in the beginning but after a few weeks the cravings subsided greatly and she tells me she doesn't miss the foods she gave up.

charley26 12-03-2020 11:38 AM

Porridge Bread,
1 500g tub of yoghurt (natural yoghurt with all the friendly stuff in there.)
2 tsps of bicarb soda
2 tblspns of veg oil
2 tubs of porridge oats. Use the same tub that the yoghurt was in

Lightly grease and dust with flour a 2lb loaf tin.
Mix everything together in a bowl and scrape into a 2lb loaf tin. Level the top, and push down a little - just to make sure that there are no big gaps when you turn out.
Bake in a pre heated oven 200C for 25 minutes
Turn heat down to 175C and continue for another 15 minutes
Turn out and cool on rack.

Allow to cool before eating. Delicious, however you wish to have it, and great with soup too. Yummy with butter and jam. I love it.
I will add a handful of sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds, or sesame seeds - just depends what I have to hand.

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