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QuiltnLady1 04-15-2016 12:32 PM

What's for dinner?
Today I am making chicken chili.

3-4 cups cooked chicken (I buy the Costco chicken that they take off the bone and sell in a big package)
1 c. chopped onions
1 c. chopped celery
1 c. chopped carrots
3 cans of white beans (I used to soak my beans and cook them, but I got lazy)
taco seasoning to taste (I use about 2T since my stomach can't handle a lot of spice)

Put it in a crock pot and quilt :). I freeze the left overs since there are only two of us, but for some reason this tastes better when made in a big batch.

ManiacQuilter2 04-15-2016 12:39 PM

Wow, that sounds delicious.

hamchips88 04-15-2016 12:55 PM

hamburger on a bun with ketchup. mayo, onion sliced thin and tomato. homeade french fries. chili chicken sounds good too

cjsews 04-15-2016 01:20 PM

The weather is great. Steak on the grill

Stitchnripper 04-15-2016 03:04 PM

The chili sounds great. We are in WA state so we are having grilled salmon which without shipping costs is relatively inexpensive.

tessagin 04-15-2016 03:07 PM

Not sure. probably pizza.

WisWis 04-16-2016 04:38 AM

Sounds lovely - I love using my slow cooker.

Karamarie 04-16-2016 04:58 AM

We are having butterflied venison chops with bacon wrapped around - made on the grill.

Pennyhal 04-16-2016 09:56 AM

Marinated flank steak with oven fries.

madamekelly 04-16-2016 01:20 PM

Pasta Alfredo with Italian sausage on the side and fresh cut corn.

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