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I received an email last night from a that contained two links, one to my order and the other to track that order. Clicked on the first, because I couldn't remember what I had bought (I'd ordered from a couple of places yesterday). Well, everything locked up. Mouse pointer, keyboard, even the ctrl-alt-dele that allows you to get to the Task Manager to stop a process. Finally had to pull the battery in order to reboot. Am running a virus check now, just in case it was a diseased link. So far, haven't detected anything.
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it seems a lot of people are getting virus's on here. i have and i had to buy a new computer. it is a little over a month old and again this one has a virus. i am beginning to wonder if i shouldn't visit here any longer I can't afford new computers all the time. there are just too many of us getting virus's that come here.
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Here is the other discussion about this problem:

The problem is not this site.
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I have NEVER got a virus from the quilt board itself and I am all over it almost every day... HOWEVER if you click on a link that someone posts? you should do so with caution...check it with your antivirus program :wink:
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we have had no viruses...knock wood....and we have AVG and I use Mozilla Firefox for our browser. My Father in law built computers for the defense department and this is what he told us to get. So we have had no trouble. If we do get a virus, AVG gets it before it has time to do any damage. I buy it every year. And I only use their programs that they have in with the AVG. No other mall ware.
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Yes I defintely think it was from clicking on a link someone posted. Of course I am not very techy and just felt like a link from a trusted site like this would be ok. I have learned a lesson and will probably need a new computer at home. I am not a happy camper because this time the virus is much worse than the first time and it didn't matter that I had software either!
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There is no way for anyone to check every link that is posted here, just way to many.

And once you click on a link it is no longer this site , you do so at your own risk. Just like anything else on the internet .
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I have been on this site for a while, and go out to a lot of the links and on to other links from them, and have not had a problem, and I only run the free version of AVG. But I don't do much in my email (yahoo free).
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I got that virus that wants you to buy their 'fixer' about a month or so ago while on this forum. I did not click to buy, but have had toruble with my computer since then. We have run AVG and Spybot too many times to count. And we have restored, too. DH even dumped the whole hardrive and reinstalled everything. Boy, that was a big pain in the neck. Even with all that I still get a 'redirect' to some work at home site that when you X out takes you to another site, ditto, ditto about 4 or five sites before you end up back where you started. I'll tell DH about the Malwarebytes and AVAST that others recommended. Otherwise, I think I'll at least need a new hard drive to get rid of all this. Isn't there something the ADMIN can do? I've never had such a problem on any other forum and I really don't want to have to stop coming here.
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A while back I opened a link and got a virus....there was a warning afew messages to late for me....i bought a lap top and gave the old computer to the grans for games....I no longer 'clik' on links...i type things in and do a search first. My computer has strong protection and warns me about some pages....but i am being very careful
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