Gas Prices!! OUCH!

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I saw an investment advisor on FOX say that if it does go to $5.00/gal watch out for real instability....we have seen high prices before and they usually drop down..but at $5.00/ gal all bets are off for it going down . Food costs will take a big hit because of production costs and delivery costs. Corn is being used to produce ethanol(green technology to get away from gasoline). Not a pretty prepared.
Originally Posted by Missysgottohelp
we went to 3.36 today. I've heard rumors of $5 gas by summer.
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I filled up on Wednesday for $3.55 (and that was up 3cents from the morning posting). Today, the posting says $3.71. Time to plan the shopping trips into one loop again and cut back on unnecessary driving.
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I filled my car Tuesday at 2.99 per gal and today it is 3.19
I cant believe it.
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Filled up last night at 3.25/gal. My DH has a diesel, it just went from 3.76 to 3.99 overnight. And diesel is a bi-product of regular gas....just can't believe it.
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Originally Posted by fmd36
I saw an investment advisor on FOX say that if it does go to $5.00/gal watch out for real instability....we have seen high prices before and they usually drop down..but at $5.00/ gal all bets are off for it going down .

But I gotta be honest - if it hits $5 .... heck even $3.50 or 4 it's gonna stop us from doing things. We won't be able to afford that and will really have to watch where we go, how often we go, etc....

I was out today and saw BP at $3.24. I filled up yesterday at Shell for $3.01
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:shock: $3.48 in So. Oregon
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Sunnyvale, CA -- Thursday, Feb. 23 -- Chevron @ $4.15 / gal
Fremont, CA -- Friday, Feb. 24 -- Chevron @ $3.87 / gal
Both towns are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And folks are still singing the praises of "alternative energy sources", i.e. wind and solar. That's all well and good for supplemental energy sources, but both are entirely too unreliable (now and in the future)as sources upon which to build a viable economy. How many of you want to have thousands of windmills in your neighborhood? They're not quiet or "quaint looking". Here in CA, there has been a challenge to windmills because the birds fly into them and die.
If one wants to live in a utopia, then perhaps there is some hope in changing to alternative energy soures.
In the real world, however, oil drives this economy. You may not like it, but that's the reality.
If you want a growing vibrant economy (jobs, anyone?), then you're going to have to face the reality that it's based on oil extraction and processing.
It has been decades since any new oil refineries have been built in the US. Note, even FRANCE has nuclear power plants...but nuclear is BAD in the US (ask any environmentalist!)
You want electric cars? The power grid (...and, remember, you need either coal or hydroelectic power to generate electricity) currently can't handle the increased demand. That translates into shortages and brown-outs.
The continental US has more oil deposits than all the Middle East nations combined. The politicians know that, but they're so wedded to political contributions from people and organizations that live in an alternative universe that they only give lip service and a vulgar hand signal to folks who clamor for an energy policy that isn't dependant upon insane meglomaniacs in Latin American and the Middle East. No, we're just controlled my meglomaniacs in Washington.
You want this boot on our throats to be taken off? Then elect politicians who will stand up to those who take perverse glee in putting up barriers to America's becoming energy independent.
Oh, and to add insult to injury, California has its own "special blend" of gasoline as required by law, thus eliminating any gasoline for our cars that is not refined in CA. California hasn't built any new refineries in decades!
...and don't EVEN get me started on a discussion about the utter futility of burning corn for fuel!

Enjoying a sunny and breezy day in California!
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Fresno is suppose to be 3.48 today..................
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Originally Posted by CoyoteQuilts
Originally Posted by DebsShelties
Wonder how long the Gov will like having to pay high prices to fill the limo's, hummers, AIR FORCE ONE?
It doesn't come out of their pockets====it comes out of ours....
Yeah, and if we the people stop paying, their transportation halts. They get the money from taxes. We stop buying it stops them. Might get them to rethink a bit.
It's sad all the way around.
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Originally Posted by Pam B
It is all due to the unrest previously in Egypt and now in Libya. Prices are all based upon speculation. I agree totally that we need to reduce our reliance upon foreign oil but I also heard that we only get something like 7% of our oil from Libya. I suspect someone is making some money over this. The really bad thing is the impact higher prices will have on all the goods and services....trucking, agriculture, etc. In the long run, the extra cost will be passed on to the consumer. DH and I both have good, stable jobs...but I will certainly think twice before I run to the mall (30+ miles away), etc. on a whim.
I think Libya is doing what they are as they saw Egypt do it and win, what country is next? Is it going to snowball while the prices go up up and away?
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