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Quality Control Issues -- Help?

Quality Control Issues -- Help?

Old 02-15-2014, 06:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Zinda View Post
I've heard of ugly quilts for homeless. Due to the fact that if a quilt is a work of art, it's more likely to be stolen. I've only heard of this. I don't know this as a fact. Personally, I think if someone is looking for warmth, it doesn't matter what it looks like. We have several homeless areas in Florida and some nights get really cold. I'm sure the people would just love the warmth from a quilt.
I agree with this. It is true that we were told not to donate our beautiful quilts to the missions. They would be much more likely to end up on the black market. What it looks like is totally irrelevant.

I have found one quilt that had been sewn with bad seams. I use a decorative zig-zag stitch on each seam so that it catches each side and the quilt turned out beautifully.

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I haven't made charity quilts, yet. But can tell you that working as a group would drive me a little crazy. While I wouldn't say I'm a perfectionist, I really appreciate efficiency (must be my business management education). I'malso kind of a stickler on following basic sewing rules like using a 1/4" seam allowance, pinning seams where points should meet, and pressing seams before continuing to the next step. Basically, anything worth doing is worth doing well. That being said, it would make me nuts to spend my precious sewing time fixing someone else's sloppy mistakes. If they were new sewers, I'd point out the mistakes, help them fix them, and then make sure they understand that the next time, they will need to fix them on their own. Taking up the time of an experienced sewer to continually fix sloppiness is a waste of everyone's time.
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Old 02-15-2014, 07:49 AM
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The club I belong to is all about making quilts for charity. Our belief is always do the best you can, if you are making it for charity or for yourself. We as a group supply the batting and backing (a good quality muslin). I admit I do a lot of the quilting on these quilts and I use the opportunity to practice my quilting skills. That being said, if I should do inferior work I would rip it out just as I would one I was making for myself.
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I am definitely in the camp or doing good work in the things I donate. I feel that those who are receiving the gift quilt have already been through so many bad things and hard knocks. To give them anything that we deem ugly, poorly done or given because we couldn't think of another way to get rid of it is heaping more abuse on these people. We should not insult their intelligence as well. Given to the animal shelter is OK I suppose because of the use they receive. But, to the less fortunate we should be showing our love and concern. I worked in a food pantry for a time. People would sometimes give us foods that were five years out of date and such things as quail eggs and rattlesnake meat in tins.
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Well put, PaperPrincess and PatriceJ. I agree with all you said and couldn't have expressed it nearly as well
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One thing our group has done is ask members for blocks a certain size instead of entire quilts...due to the same problems mentioned in this thread. It is much easier to adjust or delete a block than an entire quilt. One of our ladies made the statement point blank that she didn't care if it fell apart after it was washed. Well most of us did so we continue to stress good sewing pointers and only give from our group what we are pleased with. Perfect quilts? No but our best efforts. Why give what we wouldn't want to receive?
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Ok just my input. I wouldn't donate anything that I would not want to keep or receive. Just saying..
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I would I want to make something that is the best I can do. Take pride in your work it doesn't matter if it is for charity or not. Believe it or not people have feelings and want nice things.
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You are a woman after my own heart! The idea that poor people, homeless people, down on their luck people don't know the difference between something well done and junk is absurd and insulting. What is more, most, if not all, people who are down and out even temporarily believe the worst about themselves. Giving them something lovely and well made is a start toward affirming their worth. froggyintexas
Originally Posted by 1rottendog View Post
This will start a firestorm but why would you give as charity a quilt that isn't the best you can do? I even heard a woman say one time "this quilt is too good and too pretty to give to charity." Why not?
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I would donate them to an animal shelter and some vets clinics need them too. But I would not be too picky or you would end doing them all yourself?
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