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Goulash - what is in it?

Goulash - what is in it?

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I bought a set of pans a few years ago, and one of the things they had in it was a strainer to put ground beef in to put over a pan of boinging water to get out the fat. It works.
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Originally Posted by Diane R View Post
Ina Garten has a recipe for goulash that reminds me of what my grandmother used to make. Ina's is too salty in my opinion but the basis is the same. Ground beef, tomatoes, onions, elbow noodles. My grandmother always added green peppers but I dislike them. Mmmmm getting hungry thinking about it!
woops. Not ina Garten. Paula deen
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Tyrolian side is showing here as I have never put any of these ingredients in my dish....

i flour then brown cubes of deer. Toss in a roughly sliced onion and let soften. Add a clove of garlic minced. Deglaze with a bottle of red wine. Add in paprika, herbs, juniper berries, bay leaves, salt and pepper, tomato paste, maybe a bit of boullion if meat is really lean to bump up the umami a bit, a touch of lingonberry jam and occasionally brown sugar if really dry red is used. Seal tightly and let braise in oven til meat is tender. Serve with spaetzle and lingonberry jam.
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We mostly use pork on the bogrács, for gulyás or pörkölt (basic meat stew). Sometimes deer, but beef is too expensive here.
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Originally Posted by greyhounder View Post
We mostly use pork on the bogrács, for gulyás or pörkölt (basic meat stew). Sometimes deer, but beef is too expensive here.
beef is really expensive to be putting in comfort food dishes. For us deer is plentiful and cheap, it was in our backyard growing up and even now where we live deer is readily available, i just might not be able to shoot it from the porch. Lol. We didnt have much pig where we were in the hills but I could see it as a staple in the plateaus and lowlands where the land supported happy pigs.

i cant imagine macaroni and veg in the dish, but hey it is only because I have not ever seen it before.
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When we were in high school us kids always had to pick one dinner meal during the week and make Something. My cousin (who lived with us) always went together and did our days together. It was Always goulash... We made ours with elbow macaroni, chopped onion, browned homegrown hamburger, onion, tomato sauce or tomato soup ( whichever was in the cupboard at the time) and a package of sloppy joe seasoning (sometimes chili or taco seasoning if we were out of the other) Very quick.
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Old 08-11-2014, 11:09 PM
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My goulash is cooked rice, peas,small chunks of cheese, cream of mushroom soup, chopped onions, baked in a casserole until bubbly then topped with buttered crumbs or grated cheese. Haven't made that for a long time, guess we'll have that tomorrow.

I do like the European style: chunks of beef in a tomato sauce with paprika simmered until tender.
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My mother made a similar dish with elbow macaroni and tomatoes and spices. She called it - slumgullion(spelling?). We loved it.
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Goulash is a way of using up tougher cuts of meat. Hough or shin, and cook it slow so the meat more or less falls off the bone. It's seasoned with paprika, carraway, garlic and tomatoes, salt and peppers. Vegetables, mostly potatoes, are added, and as the goulash cooks down the gelatine and marrow from the meat enriches and thickens the gravy.

Macaroni ? and mince in goulash ? each to their own I suppose.

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