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Hand made items and their recipients

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Originally Posted by mimiknoxtaylor View Post
Thank you for sharing that. I also shared the link on FB.
Just an aside: my 13 yo grandson, who is a star quarterback on his middle school team loved his crocheted blanket until it was just threads. Well last football season when he got me (and grandpa) alone, he said "Baa" was on his last legs. After the football game when he had me totally alone he asked if I would make him another "Baa". It doesn't matter that this boy is bigger than me- he's a grandchild! Oh, and he asked for the same mixed pastels baby yarn.
Well, last month I slipped him the gift bag after a very impressive game. I made that blanket big enough for him to wrap in.
My DDIL told me last week that he wraps up in it every night & one night soon after he got it he was wrapped up on the sofa & took a sniff of the blanket & said, "It even smells like Mimi". One happy boy & another happy mimi!
Awesome story!
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I just dont get it, i would give body parts for anything hand made, i take hand made over store bought anytime, I have a quilt my step-mother made and i just love it and i take such great care in these quilts she made.She made a quilt for each of my kids I have a girl and two boys, they are grown, dd is 42, ds is 40 and a son 37, my daughters quilt i still have, she cant take care of herself and the quilt she would sell, my 40yr old son, i have his also, my younger son had his first child (a boy) 5 yrs ago, so i prepared his quilt, you know, washed it gently, ironed it and wrapped it, and wrote a letter to him about memories and put it in with the quilt, now, because it was an animal themed shower, the quilt had elephants on it, so i thought how appropiate. After my grandson was born, I started looking for the quilt and couldnt find it. Looked in there closets (yes i peeked, but i was taking care of my grandson while they worked) went through the babys room, finally found it in the bottom of the closet in the zippered bag i put it in, all wrinkled and shoved back into the bag, well, just let me tell you, i let all three of my kids and their spouses have it, yes, i screamed, yelled and through a big girl fit. I told them how pigish and ungrateful they were and I would make sure they never get anything home made from me again, these quilts were hand made and handstitched over 30 to 35 years ago, and it was thrown in the bottom of the closet.
They looked at me like I was a nut, I have 2 grandfather clocks my dad made one was my mil and the other mine, my daughter was to get hers, but when my mil died, i told my dd she wasnt getting it, the clocks are very delicate and i new she would ruin it or sell it, so i told her forget it.
Anyway moral is...my kids wont get anything since they cant take care of it.
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Oh my, sorry I didnt know that was so long.
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that's OK, we totally understand rants here at the QB. I made quilts for 2 grandsons, I expected more of a reaction from their mom than from them (ages 6 and 8) - she loved them, they barely looked up from their Ipads. Later the older one, whose birthday was a few days previous, asked if I had gotten him anything for his birthday. I said, yes, I made you the quilt. His reply - "oh yes, that was a very nice towel!!" Gotta laugh - my FIL used to call them blankets and I have had one mistaken for a rug, but towel is a new one!
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