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sister-in-law requested quilt

sister-in-law requested quilt

Old 07-11-2015, 07:36 AM
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When someone asks 'what would you charge me to make a quilt?', I will say "$20- 25 per square foot." Short answer. When they do the math tho, they will not be willing to pay the cost. At that price a 50" x 60" throw would run $420 - $525, a fair price but usually more than they had in mind!
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My sister who has a $25 or thereabouts budget when it comes to giving me a present asked for a shabby chic QS quilt. I told her it would be for 7 years of Christmas and birthdays. I never intended to make it till much closer to the 7 years being up and when she enquired after maybe 3 years or so I got a bit miffed and explained to my mother (I knew the message would get passed on) just what a QS quilt cost in terms of materials (I am in Australia where QS fabric costs around $25/metre), batting, backing and machine quilting. I sewed the top at retreat and given there were only 4 fabrics and I usually sew very scrappy it was a challenge. She loved the finished quilt but I made sure I didn't resume presents for another couple of years. The bonus with this was my mother now tells people if they wanted to order a quilt from me like the one on her bed it would be $1000.
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Originally Posted by Wanabee Quiltin View Post
I had a very dear friend ask me to make her a beautiful queen size quilt for $25. I was a new quilter so I told her that I needed to practice much more before I made anyone a quilt. Just because someone asks for a quilt does not mean you have to make them one. I have had several veiled remarks made, but I just let them slide right off me. When I make quilts for others, I choose fabric and pattern, but I know it is basically the colors they want.
Hey, make ME a QS for $25!

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Its hard to deal with family...It could cost you your friendship..Hate to be in that position...
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Originally Posted by mjhaess View Post
Its hard to deal with family...It could cost you your friendship..Hate to be in that position...
This is probably the most important factor in this whole question.
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Being asked to make a quilt for someone is a minefield, especially if it's a family member. When I started quilting I soon realized that everyone thought I was in the bedspread making business and that it would be less expensive for little teenaged me to make them a quilt than for them to buy a bedspread at Sears. Fortunately, I'd had a bad experience selling stuff on consignment at the age of 14 and I learned to say that I didn't make quilts for anyone specifically because then I'd have to make them for everyone who asked. However, if they'd like to purchase a quilt I'd already made they were welcome to do so. It was my Dad's idea to pin a price tag to each one. Once they saw the prices, (which were actually quite reasonable, considering), they never asked again.

I think each quilter has to decide what works for them. I've worked in a creative field where I had to create designs in all different kinds of styles to suit different clients. I didn't mind doing it because it was my job. Quilting, however, is my passion, and I won't create quilts that don't satisfy me creatively and that I don't personally love. Frankly, no amount of money is worth spending the time making a quilt to suit someone else, if you don't really want to do it.

I guess that's what it really comes down to. If you don't want to do it, don't. You don't really need to give someone a reason. I still get asked occasionally and I always say, (with a big smile), that I'm flattered they'd ask, but I'm not interested in taking on any more projects. They don't ask again.
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Old 07-17-2015, 02:06 PM
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Okay, I have two different experiences. 1st: a dear friend wanted a quilt for her daughter for a full bed. I took her shopping for the fabric, the backing and the batting. She took me out to lunch. It was a wonderful experience for her and for me. She paid for all of it and I told her it would be ready by Christmas. I cut it, pieced it, quilted it (on my great little Featherweight) and gave her a call. We never discussed the cost of my making it. When she came, she was thrilled and we went to lunch (again she paid). She said she was going to give me $300.00 but I said she was my friend and I wanted her to always be my friend however, I would take $200.00. A friend is a friend and she has done things for me over the years. Now the second. My great niece wants me to make a quilt for her daughter (my great niece) for a regular full bed but want is to be 86" by 97". So I said, "you two come and WE will make a quilt. They stayed with me for a week and they were in town for business in the mornings but from 1:00 - 5:00, we made a quilt. We shopped and picked out the fabric, found the perfect backing, and got the batting. Then we cut the fabric out, they trimmed, pieced, I had three sewing machines set up and they sewed fabric together. They got on the floor and laid out the disappearing 9 patch squares along with the border until they got it all laid out the way that they wanted it. Then, after 5 days, they went back to their state, I am finished getting the batting and backing on and they wanted a leaf quilting on it so I just sent it off to the long-arm quilter (they agreed pay for it). When I get it the binding on, I will post a picture. Two great adventures in quilting.
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I only do for myself and Breast Cancer quilts for kids with cancer
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I usually tell anyone who will listen, as I'm talking about my hobbies - that I make exactly what I want to make, and don't do "requests". The reality is that I've made all of my immediately family members quilts, but on my own terms, my own patterns, colors etc. If they don't like them, then I'm lucky to have a very polite family who would never ever be anything other than appreciative. So, basically, I just head them off at the pass before they ever have an opportunity to ask. The last thing I want to do is make a project that I don't like - even for money.
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