2020 Fabric Moratorium

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Iceblossom, I checked out your BH mystery quilt. I am blown away by your hand dyes. They really came out beautiful.

I had an almost fall and a save by the seat of my pants fall. I went out yesterday to purchase some pink and white stripe fabric for a small project. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for in the right shade. So, I didn't buy anything. (And, I was at Joann Fabrics.) While there looking, I remembered something in my stash that just so happened to be in the exact right shade. So, I went home and sure enough, there was plenty for this small fabric and it was a perfect match. Now, why couldn't I have thought about that before I went out. I even looked in stash before I went out. But, I admit, this piece wasn't in the color drawers. This piece was in the drawer that I save for doll clothes for my granddaughters. I guess, I am just going to have to resolve to look a little further from now on. But, a save is a save. Nothing in for the moment.

Rob, enjoy your fat quarter bundle and make lots of nice things with it.
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Default January Finishes

I have two finished from last month--and I am finally smart enough to post pics under the new format...

The first is a completion from the squares I got from my "Fabric Angel". The second is embroidered squares, about 7-years old and also from my angel. It has been kitted for some time with stash! It has a twin that is currently in the redesign phase because I had to tweak this one.

Also, the backing for both was in stash--8-1/2 and 9 yards..
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Doesn't it feel good to use up that fabric? WTG.
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Forgot part of the story about the bolt of bike fabric... that was 02/02/2020 and with the bolt of fabric (which I had put down once and grabbed again on the way out), the total was $20.20 and I have the receipt to prove it. So it must be lucky bike fabric!

I'm sending out some of my long-term collection boxes of fabric to people. I can tell I'm unlikely to have anything to add to them any time soon. If there is someone that I've promised something to that doesn't involve crumbs, children or the color purple, please let me know.

I thought I saved everything I needed from my messages here before I deleted them (mail box was full) but I'm already finding out that I'm not finding things... and various pieces of fabric keep coming to the surface that I think may need to be sent off. I know some of them are from Missingfabrics, it absolutely amazes me the number of times I have exactly what they want and I'm willing to send it to them free even and their ad isn't removed/updated and I'm never contacted. I have 2 fabrics and a stack of related fabrics that need to go into their boxes because they've been sitting out unclaimed for the last year.
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Finished 2 pillow slips = 2 yd. Got out enough for 2 more. They are great for quilt qroup; doesn't take much space, mindless so I can talk and just enough time to finish them.
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Well.....I had to buy fabric this week. I have a wildlife panel that I designed a quilt in EQ8 for and I have no brown fabrics....so, I bought only the yardage needed for the quilt. As soon as it arrives, I'll be whacking away to make a quilt for my male cousin. I'm considering minkie backing, which I'll need to buy, as well. Not sure yet.... I'm thinking purchase is cool since nothing will go to stash and I had nothing in stash to begin with. Other than that, I'm staying the course.
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I guess I leaned over the side too far, fell off and skinned my knees and my credit card. But, technically, I guess it was not really a fall, as I ordered backing and border and binding fabric for a stash buster i just made. it is a version of an irish chain, made with 2 1/2 Summer Breeze jelly rolls,and 3 yards of WOW. It is big, 82" square without borders yet. Everything I ordered will be used to finish it up.
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Motorcyclemad, lovely finishes!
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grann of 6- here’s a virtual bandaid for those skinned knees. I won’t send any methyolate (or was it mercurachrome that stung so bad), just wash it off good and maybe put some bacitracin on it before you apply the bandaid.

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Well, I think i should survive the fall. Any fabric i have left will go towards the next Summer Breeze project, since i still have 1 1/2 jelly rolls left. I think a quick rail fence will do the trick. Thanks for the band aid.
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