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Default Pop up ads

The last few times I have logged onto the board, I have started to get pop up ads at the bottom of my screen. This is the only web site that it is happening to. Has anyone else have this happen?
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Yes, I’ve been getting them. I click the X to get rid if it but they come back after a minute
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yes to me too and it is really gets on my nerves, any way to turn them off?
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This has been happening to me the last week or so and it's really annoying! I never had them until recently so I don't know if it had to do with the upgrade or not.
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I have had a lot of them just today!
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I use Adblock Plus. It's free. You can unblock particular sites if you want.
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Yes, Adblock Plus. Have used it for years. Works on all programs.
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What browser are you using? FF likes to turn off the program sometimes when they do updates. I had to re-install the ad-block plus on one of my computers.
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Originally Posted by selm View Post
I use Adblock Plus. It's free. You can unblock particular sites if you want.

I use this too, no pop ups at all. It works great on a lot of blogs that have popups too.
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it does not come from the QB.
you are infected with malware.
you can get free malware programs online.

if somebody can post a screenshot, maybe our tech support can help you pinpoint the source of the pop-up.
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