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Default picture & thanks

Thank you all for your input and suggestions. I would definitely want to plug it in and see if "it works" and "it sews" are the same thing according to the shop.
I didn't get a close up picture. Good idea about seeing if I can find a serial number. I didn't think of that.
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That is a Singer 66, electric motor, with reverse/back tack. The serial number is on the base, below the gold tone Singer badge. You can look up the serial# on

I would estimate a 1940s model. It may need new power cord, pedal cord, about $25 for the pair, and easy to replace. If these wires are in rough cobdition, expect the motor wires to be in same, and in need of replacing. It takes standard needles and class 66 bobbins.

As to price,good condition, with attachments, in my neughborhood, selling at $50. If cabinet top in good shape, worth a bit more, maybe $65. This one has significant damage to the shellac clear coat in the front/middle of the bed, and the head looks dulled, whether nicotine, kitchen grease, or humudity, I cannot tell. It should be shiny. My recommendation, not over $30.00.

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First thing to look for is the bobbin and bobbin case. Often times those walk out of the store, or were never there. Even if it is all there, certainly nothing over $30.00. The scuff mark on the center bed says it has seen a lot of stitching.
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No, not a good deal.

It's not a 1919 model, as a 1919 machine would, most likely, be a treadle or hand crank. That's more likely from the 40's or 50's if it does reverse.

The model 66 was Singer's bottom of the line (least expensive) machine. It should sew just fine, but it's way overpriced. The cabinet is not a top of the line cabinet, either.

It's not in great condition (decals and finish), either.

As someone who loves sewing machines, I would not buy it, even if it was priced right. The 15-91 and 201-2 from that same era are much nicer machines, and generally don't cost any more than a 66. They're going to be quieter, smoother and a real pleasure to sew on.

The only exception to that would be if it was a 66 with really nice decals in good condition as I mentioned in my previous post. In that case it would be worth $250.00 or more.

I agree that it's worth $50.00 or so, if you have to replace the wiring and pedal, even less.

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I could get a better one any day like that for $50. but I'd walk away from that one.
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I have paid far less for much older machines in top conditions. Example: My 1905 singer treadle I paid only $25. I would continue to look around see if you can work out a deal on the machine. Let the manager know you have seen such machines for far less and have friends with similar and older machines in prime shape for far less. Maybe you can get the price much lower. If not I would walk away from this one. Watch garage sales, craigslist and Marketplace. There are always good machines coming along and always keep in mind just because they are asking a price you can always try to bargain the price down.
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Default Thank you all!

Thanks to all for your comments and advice. I'm definitely going to pass on this one.

Happy Sewing!
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I bought a Singer 401A for 30.00 in a thrift shop here. It has all attachments and sews a beautiful stitch.
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