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Fall Round Robin Group B  is open until 10/1/21 >

Fall Round Robin Group B is open until 10/1/21

Fall Round Robin Group B is open until 10/1/21

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Default Fall Round Robin Group B is open until 10/1/21

Since we had some people that wanted to do a Round Robin but missed the deadline we decided to set up another group.

Once sign up is complete we will set up the group. Please indicate if you can mail international or not when sending your mailing info to to Carrie (carriem)

You will have a month to finish and mail each round.

The centers can be square or rectangle with at least one side 18" to 24” (18-1/2” or 24-1/2” with seam allowance)

***Let’s make things easier for the next person so things are easily divisible by 3” or 6” finished***

Dates for the Round Robin

10/15/21 mail center
11/15/21 mail 1st round
12/15/21 mail 2nd round
1/15/22 mail 3rd round
2/15/22 mail 4th round
3/15/22 mail 5th (final) round
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Hello! I will be taking on the organization for Group B of the Fall Round Robin. Please send me the following information in a PM.
  • Board Name
  • Full Name
  • Complete Address
  • Best Phone Number (please specify cell, home or work)
  • Email Address

Group B
1. Carrie (carriem)
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How big of a boarder do we add each round?
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The border is to be no bigger than 6" (6 1/2" unfinished). Usually I recommend either 3" or 6" to keep it divisible by both numbers and easier for the next person to add their round without a lot of math. Or do a 4" border a 1" strip on each side...something like that to get it up to 6"....does that make sense?


Here are some more guidelines from the original sign up post:Each person will make their center and send it on to the next participant, who will add on a border, in the style and/or theme of the center block (or completely different but complimentary.)

Each person in turn adds another border that compliments the quilt. Once the quilt has made the rounds to all participants it is mailed back to the original owner.

Each border should be not more than 6" wide. We are experienced quilters. If you slap on a plain border because the piece needs a plain border, add something like appliqué. Don't be lazy on someone else's piece.

This Round Robin is open and welcoming to members of all skill and income levels.

Use only 100 percent quilting cotton.

Please note: Board participation is an essential ingredient in making this RR successful. Please do not disappear.

The most important rule of all:

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Thanks for the clarification! I'm in! So excited for this project!
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I am signing up. Thank you for setting this up.
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I am in! Thanks!
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Default Weee

Oh thank you Carrie, for making another group. I’ve been missing sign ups and am happy to see us getting off the ground. I did several round robins 20ish years ago and am happy to be doing another. Happy to be playing.
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Hello Ladies!! Looks like we are filling up quickly. Please keep me updated...if all centers are done by October 1st we can start shipping early and move up 2 weeks (having the ship date the 1st of each month). The order of names below is not necessarily the order we will send to each other...I'll send the final "who you are sending to" message once we fill up.

I had a couple ask...yes you can send along a note of what you want your theme to be, colors you want or don't want included. Also if you want to include a yard or two of a fabric you want used throughout the quilt you can do that too....as long as it will fit in a flat rate bubble envelope and shipping stays at/under $9...the flat rate is $8 and change, I just can't think right now if it is 45 or 75 cents?

I will start a Group C if this one fills and there is interest for another group.

1 carriem
2 JessQuilts
3 Annaquilts
4 hav4boys
5 WendyMcD

Thanks ladies!! This is going to be great fun!! Carrie
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I will once again be lurking and enjoying your beautiful quilts. I am working on two medallion quilts right now and I know I’ll be inspired by your borders!.
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