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2022- What are your quilting goals?

2022- What are your quilting goals?

Old 01-05-2022, 10:32 AM
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Despite the many UFO's that sit in my sewing room that I would say should be a great 2022 goal, I have one more dear to my heart that I want to finish.

My Mom passed away 6 years ago. The Christmas following her death, I took her clothes which were not able to donated and made quilts for my three siblings. My pieces are still sitting in the container waiting for my heart push my hands to finish the quilt. This year, 2022, should be that one. As I sew, each memory of a day with my Mom in that outfit will bring the love of a wonderful lady back into my life.

Memory quilts are wonderful tributes. My hands have created many of these treasures for others. My goal for 2022 is create my own memory quilt of my Mom. Rest in Peace, Mom
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Old 01-06-2022, 04:57 AM
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This has been a wonderful thread. We all seem to share four major concerns:
1. using up the stash
2. finishing WIP's
3. resisting the lure of new projects when you have a bunch of WIP's in hand
4. becoming better quilters/learning a new skill (esp. quilting your own quilts)

Although I have wayyy too much fabric, I love to buy new fabrics that strike me as spectacular. That really feeds my creative juices and is a pretty harmless "fix"!

Although I have wayyy too many WIP's, I love to start new projects, in particular if they teach me a new skill. That really feeds the creative spirit as well.

I am reasonably organized...it was a lot easier after I put all my stash onto comic book boards...but my goal for 2022 is to experience Marie Kondo levels of joy *whenever* I am up in my quilt studio, my Creation Station. I do not go up there to beat myself up for mess, for lack of skill, for spending too much on that 5 yards of Marimekko, or to fight with sub-par tools.

I go up there to have a wonderful, creative experience. I have a poster hung over the cutting table "This Is Where the Magic Happens"...may 2022 hold much magic for you all.
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Talking Yes, indeed!

Originally Posted by WesternWilson View Post
I go up there to have a wonderful, creative experience. I have a poster hung over the cutting table "This Is Where the Magic Happens"...may 2022 hold much magic for you all.

THIS is exactly how I feel, too. It's how I used to feel about ceramics until my hands got too arthritic to work the clay. It's taken some time but I have finally come to feel this way about my quilts. It feels so good to finally be able to feel this way again!

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Originally Posted by Fizzle View Post
RedGarnet222 -

2022. Learn to run my HQ Amara better (hopefully with out having to spend even more money to attend classes!).
Get the rest of my tops quilted and the binding on.
I have been dawdling at learning to use my own new-to-me longarm and finally found a set of instructional videos that actually worked for me...from "Michael Quilts" on YouTube. Michael is a high school teacher so he understands how to actually teach a skill rather than demo and he has good camera skills so you can really see what he is doing. I also thought his rulers were really well thought out.

Have a go with his videos and I think you will find they work together to kind of give you a framework for building longarm skills...start with the part 1 & 2 on beginner ruler work...

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-Tallchick, I agree with this one: Work more with EQ8. I like that program!

-Finish 2 quilts that are sitting in my big baskets, just staring back at me.

-Finish 3...no 4...no, maybe 5 more quilts that are afraid to come out of hiding.

-Get rid of some fabric that I don't think I'll ever use, even though I think that, by some small chance, I might.

-Reorganize the loft. Get rid of things that aren't working anymore in this tight space.

- Make some big, colorful, quilted pillows for the living room and sun porch.

-Master that blasted Consew Sewing Machine. (It's a love/hate relationship.)

-Finally finish my couch cushions. (Requires that I master the Consew first.)
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Old 03-09-2022, 10:49 AM
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Default Chuck Nohara

Originally Posted by sewingitalltogether View Post
That’s funny. I was just trying to organize my plan for 2022. Good grief did I say 2022? Ok, well AP&Q has a print out page that I want. It’s a UFO list and a group to join. Not joining the group but I think I will tape up my list of UFO’s. It’s about 15. Didn’t make any progress this year but would like to throw myself into it next year. It’s really hard not to start new quilts. They draw me in with excitement. But I have too many big projects started.
On the exciting side I bought a used book last night. Love paying $5 for a $30 quilting book. Got it from www.abebooks.com. I bought Chuck Nohara’s 2001 New Patchwork Patterns. Paid quite a bit more than $5. Have wanted it for a long time. Hard to find. Out of print. It’s in Japanese, coming from Japan. Won’t get here until March. Anyone else excited about Chuck Nohara?
Have you gotten your book? Are you going to do this in 2022?

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Use the fabric I have...or at least some of it!
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Great Topic!

My goals for 2022 are:

Getting my craft room completely set up (moving into a larger space)
Work on and complete the quilt projects I have lined up - basically 5 quilts that are completely planned out, and ready to start. (I don't have any UFO, as I completely finish each quilt before I start another.)
Make some holders for my large square rulers, basically a tote with pockets to slide the rulers in to hang on a hook
Make a new ironing board set up for on my 8 foot table. I have one of those overlay boards that fit onto an ironing board, but it isn't steady enough, so I am going to make a new cover for it and lay it on one of my tables, next to my cutting mats.
Make some new quilted hotpads
Make a quilted Christmas Tree quilt for the wall to hang ornaments on. We don't put up a tree due to climbing kitties!

And last but not least, have fun!

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Smile 2022 Goals

My goals are to pack up and move my sewing room (and the rest of the house) and move to KY. I got remarried nearly a year ago, retired, purchased a home, and need to sell my home and move. Let's do everything major in life within a 3 month time period!

Once my stuff is moved and I am out from under my OH home, I want to set up a cozy sewing space in the designated room, and be productive. I need to use the fabric I have purchased, and make the quilts I have fabric and patterns for.

It's going to be a busy year! lol
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Looks like time to check in and cross off some of the work on my list
2022 - Quilting Goals
1.Make quilts for three dear friends who have patiently been watching me make quilts for others.
a. pastel floral
b. mariner's star/compass
c. something blue ships or boats?
2. Make one of the kits that were given to me Start in January - Finish by..March - Top made and layered, not quilted.
3. Sandwich and quilt three that have been hanging in the closet for a year (April Retreat project.) One done and out the door, two layered and ready for quilting.
4. Finish two WIP - (January and February) - DONE!
5. Make 5 quilts from 2.5's for donation to Project Linus - fast and fun and get'r done! 3 Done
6. Maintain an acceptable level of "neatness" in my sewing room. (Daily) So far, improving but not conquered.
7. Make a list of patterns that I really want to make ( Soon, and include a, b, c. above)
8. Leave some time for spontaneous creation of quilts that are yet to be discovered.
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