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Question about red fabric

Question about red fabric

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Default Question about red fabric

Has anyone had any problem with the 108" marble tonal backing bleeding? I am going to be using it with white and hate to wash my fabric first.
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Who is the manufacturer/designer?
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I'm not familiar with that particular fabric, but I sure would pre-wash any red fabric, and with a color catcher or two. Red is a notorious bleeder.
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If you are totally reluctant to wash the whole piece, cut off a small piece - only needs to be about 1 x 2 inches - put it in a clear glass of hot water with a drop of dawn dish detergent - and let it set overnight.

If your water is clear the next day - you are "probably" going to be okay to use it.

If the water has a pink tinge to it - I would soak the rest of it in hot water that has had some Dawn added to it for at least two hours - rinse - see if the water is clear - if still pink - repeat.

An article worth taking the time to read:


Personally, I soak and wash everything washable before cutting it. I have had enough bleeding fabrics - of all colors - to want to avoid surprises.

However - there are people who have said they have never ever had a problem.

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As Clint Eastwood would say” do you feel lucky?”
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I am not a pre-washer but I do with red. Good idea about washing a small piece as a test. I had not thought of that. If in doubt, wash it out!
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I wash all my 108" fabric due to shrinkage across the width. I think red fabrics or fabrics with heavy dye need to be washed.
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I would wash it with color catchers. I think it is about 50/50 as to it will bleed or not, more for some red fabrics. I had one red marbled type fabric which started out maroon, and after six washes was still bleeding and now a rosy, red color. I put it in a rummage sale and a great price of $4 and a note on it that said "this fabric is still bleeding". One of the many reasons why I stopped using 108 wide backing is that if I have to prewash it, it is too hard to press so now I just use regular width fabric. Those two seams to stitch them together is a lot easier for me than dealing with the giant hunk of 108 wide fabric.
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Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
As Clint Eastwood would say” do you feel lucky?”
Can't stop laughing.
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Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
As Clint Eastwood would say” do you feel lucky?”
That sums it up perfectly!
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