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braid quilt tutorial

braid quilt tutorial

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Default braid quilt tutorial

As promised I took a few photos to show how I put the braid pattern together. This is just a general how to. You can make your square and strips any size you want. Make it as big or little as you want to. The idea is to use up quantities of scraps.

center square: 2.5"
strips: 2.5 x 7.5

1.lay out your squares and strips

2.flip square onto the strips that will be the left side of braid

3.stack them up and string piece them

4.snip them apart and press to the dark side

5.place them back down on your layout. start stacking from the right side and alternate right and left sides

6.right- left- right- left- right- left to the end of the braid

7.this looks weird but follow and you will see. lay out the top two pieces in the stack and flip the plain strip over the strip unit ( strip with square attached). It will cover the square. sew where shown.

8.press to dark

9.the third strip lays on the long edge next to the one you just sewed
(the picture should say 3rd strip) sorry

10.Sew and press to the added strip

Continued in part 2.
Attached Thumbnails dsc07844.jpg   dsc07845.jpg   dsc07848.jpg   dsc07850.jpg   dsc07851.jpg  

dsc07852.jpg   dsc07853.jpg   dsc07854.jpg   dsc07855.jpg   dsc07856.jpg  

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Default Braid quilt tutorial part 2

Here comes part 2. Hope we are all good so far.

11. sew each strip alternating sides

12.here is where you decide how wide you want your braid. It is your choice. Measure equal distance from center of braid to each side. I cut mine at 4.5" from center on each side.

13. You don't have to mark the line before you cut. This picture is to show the distance from center. just be sure you line your long ruler at the measurement you want before you cut.

14. cut the braid to your width first then add the corners at the top of braid. The picture shows the braid not cut yet, oops. Use any oversize scrap that fits the corner and trim it square after you sew it on. I wasn't fussy here. I used any scrap I had that was big enough to cover the corner. The leftover bits are going into my clam shell log cabin quilt so I am not worried about waste. The corner pieces I used were at least 7.5" square

15. second corner

16.Add and trim square

17. Trim the bottom by laying the edge of the braid on the cutting mat being sure it is straight on a line and trim the tails off to square it up. Be sure to have that .25" seam from the point.

18. trimmed bottom edge

19. finished braid

20. I did a light starch at this point. Let it soak in to the fibers and press in the direction of your seams. This will flatten the seams and keep them even. The braid will crawl a bit and maybe stretch too so be gentle as you press and give it a second starching and pressing if you want it to be more stable. Ignore the sashing strip you might see sewn to the edge in this picture. That comes later.

On to part 3. We are almost done.
Attached Thumbnails dsc07857.jpg   dsc07859.jpg   dsc07860.jpg   dsc07864.jpg   dsc07865.jpg  

dsc07866.jpg   dsc07868.jpg   dsc07869.jpg   dsc07870.jpg   dsc07873.jpg  

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Default brad quilt tutorial part 3.

Here we go straight to the end.

21. Starch your sashing material before you cut it to the width you want, as wide or narrow as you like. I cut mine at 1.25".

22. I found having the sashing on the bottom was better when I sewed it on. Being more flimsy the sashing eased onto the braid better being on the bottom so the feed dogs did a good job of controlling it.

23. Press to the sashing

One braid is done!

I added the sashing to one side of each braid then sewed two at a time and had panels of two braids that then sewed into panels of four. I only had one heavy seam to sew when I put them all together at the


Hope this helped you to design your own braid quilt. If you have any questions I will try to help. Sometimes it is hard to understand and my instructions might not be quite clear enough so just ask.

Thanks for liking the scrappy braid.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to do the tutorial for this. I wish I knew how to get a pdf of this project. Wonder how many pages. Guess I will check it out. If I do it in grey tone, I won't use as much colored ink.
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​Well done!
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thanks for taking the time to do this tut
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Thank you for sharing. I will certainly use these instructions in the future. I am trying to use some stash for scrappy quilts and yours is fabulous. Thanks again.
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Thank you for such a great tut,,,,
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Thank You so much for you time to show us.
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How thoughtful of you! Many thanks
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