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Magical Inspiration (Decorative Stitched Strip Tube)

Magical Inspiration (Decorative Stitched Strip Tube)

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Default Magical Inspiration (Decorative Stitched Strip Tube)

Several of you had requested a tutorial on my first quilt "Magical Inspiration" http://www.quiltingboard.com/picture...y-t223638.html

I did a hands-on demonstration at our local Quilt Guild of the process. Unfortunately, I did not think to take pictures for this tutorial. I have shared this written version with others that did not see the presentation and it seemed clear to them. But then....they know me....haha. If it seems 'clear as mud' to you, please follow up with your question(s) and I will respond to the best of my ability.

Decorative Stitched Strip Tube
Presented by Sandra Taylor

“Strip Tubing” was created by Cozy Quilt Designs. Cozy Quilt Designs has several YouTube tutorials on this as does Missouri Star Quilt Co. A pattern, Quilt of Stitches, was published by Bernina, (unable to locate pattern on their site) but does not show how to Strip Tube.

Purchasing the Strip Tube Ruler from Cozy Quilt Designs would help to make the process a little easier but is not really necessary. A 5 ½ inch or 6 inch square ruler with a diagonal line for making half square triangles will work just as well.

Threads I have used are Janome and Madeira rayon. Rayon because of the sheen it adds to the finished decorative stitch. World Weidner ( http://www.worldweidner.com/madeirathreads.aspx ) has an 18 spool assortment of colors that is very affordable.

Stabilizers I used were ‘Stitch & Tear’, however, found it to be too stiff maneuvering through the neck of my machine. Then I purchased Waffle Stabilizer in the 8 inch wide size from World Weidner, http://www.worldweidner.com/Waffle-E...tardant-6.aspx . This I found to work very well and it tears away easily.

The 3 fabrics I used are 100% cotton and are in dark colors and/or bright colors. I do love the combination of the blue and brown together with the soft peach as in my first quilt and with the bright yellow in my second quilt. The darker colors tend to show off the threads and decorative stitches brilliantly.

You will need 1 yard each of 2 colors, and 2 yards of a 3rd color.

The 2 one yard colors need to be cut into 2 ½ “ strips the width of the fabric for a total of 13-14 strips measuring 2 ½ inches by 44 inches. (In this tutorial, I am assuming the width of the fabric is 44 inches.)

The 2 yard fabric is to be cut into 4 ½” strips by the width of the fabric for a total of 16 strips measuring 4 ½ inches by 44 inches.

(Directions will yield eight 5 ½ inch blocks per strip. Four of these will make one 10 inch block giving you two 10 inch blocks per strip. 13 strips will yield 26 ten inch blocks.)

Step #2:
Sew one of each color of the 2 ½ inch strips together lengthwise, right sides facing with a ¼ inch seam. Makes 13-14 strip sets measuring 4 ½ inches by 44 inches.

On one side of this strip set sew one 4 ½ inch strip lengthwise, right sides together with a ¼ inch seam.

Tip: Alternate the direction of the seams of the strips so that your strip sets will remain straight.

Press all seams flat open. Your finished piece will have many seams so flat open will help with stitching them together.

Step #3:
On back of strip sets, pin a tear away stabilizer. Trim ends of strip sets even.

Step #4:
Draw lines for your decorative stitching with an erasable marker or disappearing marker such as a Frixion pen. The distance in between your lines is up to you. Below is an example of the distances I used. 3 lines were drawn on each of the 2 ½ inch strips and 6 lines were drawn on the 4 ½ inch strips.

3/8 inch from seam
1 inch from seam
5/8 inch from previous line

Step #5:
Time to have fun!

Select your thread color and your decorative stitch. I start in the center strip and complete the 3 stitch lines in it. I believe this helps to stabilize the entire strip set. Stitch rows in alternate directions so as to keep your strip sets straight. (Leave starting threads to identify where row was started.)

Tip: Stitches can be enlarged or reduced by either length or width or both for different effects.

Some stitches utilize a forward and backward and side to side stitch. Setting this to a smaller stitch may cause needle to strike previous stitch. Machine/needle may not like this.

Truthfully….it is rather difficult to stitch straight, even with the line right in front of you. Putting the ‘pedal to the metal’ is not going to work on this process. Stitching at a slower pace than normal will result in a better stitch.

Hint: Stitching too slow will cause the mind to wander…..but not as much as the needle will. Save ‘wool gathering’ for another project.

Step #6:
Remove the stabilizer from in between the rows of stitching.

Step #7:
Press front side of stitches to set stitches and to remove the Frixion pen marks. (Did you know that pressing to set stitches helps to shrink the thread?)

Step #8:
Sew the strip sets, right sides together, into a long tube.

Here comes the magic>>>>>>>>

Place the 5 ½ inch diagonal ruler line on the bottom seam and cut both sides of the triangle that is formed. This will create a 5 ½ inch square. Turn the triangle the opposite direction, placing the diagonal line over the top seam and cut that triangle for another 5 ½ inch square. Continue with the strip until you have cut at least 8 of the 5 ½ inch triangles (squares). Press open with flat seams and trim dog ears.

Several patterns will emerge as you place the 5 ½ inch blocks in different arrangements.

Cozy Quilt Designs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3k85...=TL448955oPsdg

Missouri Star Quilt Co.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOWSp0mTTqE
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Thanks for the great tutorial.
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Thank you for a great tutorial. Another added to my to do list..
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Thank you! Somehow I missed it the 1st time you posted pictures, but I'm so glad you posted it now. You made a beautiful quilt! What an inspiration.........
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Thank you for the the tutorial!!
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Thanks for putting together this tutorial. I can see why numerous people wanted one as your quilt is beautiful! Another one to add to the list.
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Thanks for the great tutorial, I have started a tube quilt and think that I will add the decorative stitches now. Your quilt is beautiful.
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Originally Posted by gramquilter2 View Post
Thanks for the great tutorial, I have started a tube quilt and think that I will add the decorative stitches now. Your quilt is beautiful.

Thank you for your kind compliments. How exciting for you to be making one!! Let me know should you have any questions.
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Oh my gosh,what a wonderful quilt. Thanks for the tutorial. My machine has so many decorative stitches that I never use but now I will, Cant wait to get started.
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thanks so much for sharing this. I made sure to copy and paste and save. It was a great tutorial.
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