Another scam?

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Default Another scam?

I got an email the other day. Supposedly from "Discover Card". Looked official, except I don't have a discover card. They wanted to give me back my double pmt that I had made. Of course you had to click on a link, which I did not of course. I reported it. Has anyone else received this? Just curious.
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I received one from American Express like this. I don't have AE so I called and reported this one too.
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I got another one on my car. long time warranty. they don't say what type of car etc. i do not have anything like that on my car, only recalls covered by the maker which are nothing i purchased of course. it is irritating to get mail seeming serious and making people fall for that. it is a scam. people should have some sort of conscience about that they do for a living. So watch out for those type of things, mail, internet or what ever.
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Unfortunately they are getting better at making the fake emails, letters, and phone calls seem legitimate.
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Ny HB got a call from who they said was SS and they gave hime a number to call. It is a scam. We also get mail about our auto protection on warrenty is about to run out. They don't say what kind of auto.
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The IRS is going to come and arrest me! I was suppose to send a gift card to an address in Canada to pay what I owe. It has been a week now and I am still home and no one has come to arrest me.
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I have learned to 'hover' my cursor over the sender's name and see what the source is. That is often worth a laugh in itself. It is a shame that so many people are so greedy-or needy-that they become easy pickings for the scammers.

Hey Maryb. I'm still waiting on that gift card. Got the cops on speed dial.
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I'm about to be arrested also. But I don't know why. The person calling has such a thick foreign accent I can't understand much of what he is saying. It took several calls to understand that I would be arrested. So far so good.
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My husband, who is very intelligent and rational, did get hit with a Medicare Scam. He went to a Senior Citizen fair, and at one booth they talked him into have gene testing done to look for diseases like cancer. He forgot about it until it showed up on his Medicare statement. We didn't owe anything, but Medicare paid the company several thousand dollars. We looked into it and reported it. Turns out it was a 'new' scam that had already been discovered by Medicare, and the owner of the company was in jail, but not before Medicare had paid out millions of dollars. He got a new Medicare number.
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If only the Fool that calls me (I don’t answer but he leaves a message) was a real person instead of a recording, then tells me I could be going to jail for non payment of “something.” I’d like to say “I’ll be waiting for them at the door, but I will warn you, I’m taking my sewing machine & a bunch of totes too. They can cook & clean for me while I make quilts, I don’t give a fig.
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