M'Gennis Caught a Bird

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Default M'Gennis Caught a Bird

On my balcony.... he brought it inside .... it was alive....
I didn't want to find out that the maintenance guy's job description did not include removing birds from apartments...
Not wanting to be forced to get rid of M'G, I called my lovely, spry neighbour over to help me deal with it (I need two hand to walk).... I had managed to drop a bin over the bird, whereupon M'G played with it through the handles....
M'Gennis was so proud of his catch; he wouldn't let me get hold of the bird or herd him out with his catch....
I'm never bored....
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At least it was still alive. Kola used to bring us body parts..lol

Beautiful cat btw
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Glad you could catch and release! We occasionally will get a bird falling down our furnace chimney. We have a clean out door at the bottom and open the door with a fishing net over the opening.
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Many, many years ago, we (family) had a big yellow and white cat named Fuzzy. I remember him bringing, most of the time, dead lizards in.
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Originally Posted by sandy l View Post
Many, many years ago, we (family) had a big yellow and white cat named Fuzzy. I remember him bringing, most of the time, dead lizards in.
we had a black cat, he lived to 18. almost every day, he'd bring us something. sometimes, he'd release a bird in the house under the dining room table.he would get up on the railing, and open the door with his hand. it was an old fashioned handle that you just needed to tug on to open. sometimes we'd get gifts at night. lots of rabbit heads, little things like moles, mice and sometimes a snake or two. they were usually left on the door step. you had to look out before you went out and stepped on it. he was a hoot.
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My daughter’s dog Mazie is very good at snapping them down from the air if they dare to come too close (it’s happened 3 times). They’re sadly not alive. She is incredibly proud of herself and then it’s really hard to get it away from her.
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