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Questions about the best needles for the Juki tl-2200QVP Mini >

Questions about the best needles for the Juki tl-2200QVP Mini

Questions about the best needles for the Juki tl-2200QVP Mini

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Default Questions about the best needles for the Juki tl-2200QVP Mini

I'm new to the board and I could not for the life of me find out another way to post my question...... I just purchase a Juki TL-2200QVP Mini and have never used a Juki brand before. I have read conflicting information about the best needle brand to use, with the Schmetz brand often listed as the best. My question is would I purchase the Universal needles for that brand? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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I use Organ brand needles for my Juki TL series machine.
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I would think that it would depend on what you are sewing and what thread you are using. I know some people find that "sharp" or "microtex" pointed needles are better for quilting cottons. I was just looking at https://schmetzneedles.com/do-you-kn...-needle-points and realized they also have a quilting needle. Another page that talks about needles can be found at https://schmetzneedles.com/needle-primer.

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I personally don't pay ANY attention to the brand. I think what's most important is the type of needle, what I'm sewing, and making sure the needle size matches the thread. For instance, if I'm sewing knits, I use a ball point needle. When I'm piecing quilts, I use a 12 or 14 topstitch needle. If I'm quilting, I bump it up to a 16 or 18 topstitch, because when you're quilting on a DSM (domestic sewing machine, as opposed to a longarm), you tend to do a lot of pushing and pulling, and it's easy to bend the needle ever so slightly which will result in skipped stitches. A size 16 or 18 needle is thicker and harder to bend. Another reason I like topstitch needles is because they have a larger eye and a groove that runs down the length of the needle. As the needle moves in and out of fabrics, there's a lot of friction on the thread. This groove protects the thread. The larger eye accommodates thicker threads such as a 40 wt thread. Both these features help prevent fraying thread.
Hope this helps.
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I have a Juki TL and have used Schmetz, Organ & Superior Threads needles with no trouble. The machine is not picky about brand but all that Peckish mentioned above regarding type/size of needle holds true, in my experience, as well. With the right needle type/size I've sewn through multiple layers of leather, cotton webbing, jeans, thick/sticky applique projects, etc. The Juki TL2200QVP Mini is a wonderful machine. I think you'll really enjoy using it!
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Just for simplicity I use Schmetz needles on my Bernina, Juki and Janome. I use either a Microtex or a quilting needle, depending on the fabric and the stitching that I plan on doing. I almost always use a Microtex on Batik fabrics.
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I've got a Juki TL 2010 and I use Schmetz Quilting needles that I get bulk on Amazon, you can also use universal needles. The last time I bought needles I paid roughly $65 for 100 but when you think about the cost of fabric, batting, and thread, a few bucks worth of needles per quilt isn't much at all.

I've also used Schmetz Universals, last box I bought I got 100 for $31 and they worked fine. Imho it's more important to change the needle regularly than to overthink about what type, I didn't know about changing the needles when I first started sewing, I thought you only did that when it broke, it was revelation when someone told me to get a new needle!

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Originally Posted by Austinite View Post
it's important to change the needle regularly
Yes, very good point. I quilted 3 quilts on my longarm and changed the needle. There was quite a visible and tactile difference between the new needle and the old one, they do get dull!
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