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I know I can google the size of a Queen quilt, but I want to know what size do YOU make for a queen, that you want to use as a top like a comforter? I want it to hang down the sides and end to use with a bed skirt or dust ruffle. Thanks for any opinions and comments.
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I usually go by how wide I can order a wide back for it.
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I measure where I want the length and width to be on my bed. I might not get It exactly to those measurements, but close.
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Example: top mattress is 60 inches wide, 80 inchesong, a d 12 inches thick.

Assume there will be some "shrinkage" from the quilting . There will probably be additional shrinkage if one uses unwashed fabrics and batting that will shrink when it is washed.

I prefer to not have the quilt go over the pillows.

So - I use preshrunk fabrics and batting - so I only have to consider how much the quilt will "shrink" from the quilting.

Minimum size for me for the top would be about 88 inches for the width (12 + 60 + 12 + 4 inches for shrinkage)
and about 97 inches for the length (12 + 80 +5 inches for shrinkage) - assuming approximately 5% shrinkage.
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Since people’s mattress thicknesses differ I always ask the person it’s for to measure across the bed from the drop to drop on other side, then length including drop at foot, and pillow tuck if wanted.
my queen bed quilts are generally 94” x 100”
my daughter’s is taller than mine & hers would be considered kings by some 104” x 110”
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I like quilts that hang over the sides. We have a King and my daughters have queen. So I made them quilts that 100"x90" this hangs over the sides nicely. My King size is 114" x x120". I like them to hang over too.
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If you make the quilt, you can make it any size you want, regardless of the "sizing".
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I keep a neutral covering on the beds and make quilts that mostly cover the sleeping area. I can change them out as my mood goes. For me this is a good solution.
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my bed is up on risers so I like no less than 15 inches on each side. and it is Full size.
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At the shop where I work, our "standard queen size" is 84" X 108." We get that idea from sewing two 3 yard pieces of fabric together. And that was basically for tied quilts. That size also works great for 90" wide minky.
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