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Would you be quilting?

Would you be quilting?

Old 07-20-2022, 10:03 AM
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Default Would you be quilting?

Would you be quilting if the internet were not around? For me probably not. I am such a visual and hands on learner that unless I crossed paths with someone I totally meshed with and who was patient enough to mentor me I would probably be doing more outdoor stuff.

I canít thank everyone here enough and all the wonderful content creators on YouTube and in the heyday of Craftsy (original version) who demonstrate and share with the world their passion for quilting. When I started, it was so frustrating trying to learn and I really did not do much the first 5 years. When my hubby and I split I decided to dive in head first and I am really happy with my progress and I enjoy having a hobby I can enjoy solo.
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Old 07-20-2022, 10:21 AM
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I started quilting way before I used the internet. It has been great for new content with pictures and tutorials. Before that it was quilt magazines but my favourites have folded now,
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I started before the internet and think I would still quilt without it
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Yep, me too. Started before Intrnet crazy. Internet just makes it easier...lol
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I was quilting before I had even heard of a home computer, let alone the internet. In the beginning I was self taught, kind of. My great great grandmother did a lot of quilting and my mother had kept most of her quilts that I loved looking through as a kid (she kept them in her cedar chest) and from that, I learned a bit by studying them in my teen years. I had always wanted to do quilting myself and did so after I became an adult. (My mother was not at all interested in it, and considered crafts such as that as a waste of time - Her motto was - you could buy things at the store and didn't need to waste you time and money as those were things people had to do back in the old days)

I've learned a lot more about quilting, mostly these last few years, especially since I moved from all hand quilting to doing all machine quilting. I've absorbed so much from the internet about quilting, mainly because I like to watch the quilting videos to wind down at night.

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Old 07-20-2022, 10:58 AM
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Add me to the list of those that learned prior to the internet.

What the internet has given me is ideas! I can also find a variety of patterns. I really don't need to purchase any. I also enjoy the tutorials as a new or updated technique is great besides people sharing the oldies.
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I was sewing and quilting WAY before the internet. I'd probably be quilting more without it because I wouldn't have the distraction. While I do find new ideas easily, I found a lot before by taking classes and participating in sewing/quilting groups. I find it easier to locate and access things, but I also find that I'm somewhat more isolated.
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I started before internet. I remember when EQ first came available on floppy disc and it cost $99, very expensive for that time. I had to have it. I have only paid for the upgrade ever since so it was a wise investment. I bought all the quilting magazines each month. I enjoyed all the quilt shows on PBS, Quilting from the Heartland, Eleanor Burns, Fons and Porter, Georgia Bonesteel, Billie Lauter, Kaye Woods and were great visual instructors. There wasn't a quilt shop near me so I had to travel to find the new things. Every trip I took I looked for a quilt shop. I have really enjoyed watching Kaye England on Youtube lately. She is one of the best quilt instructors on how to and why you should do and why it works. Pure teaching no fluff.
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I was sewing and quilting before I had a computer or I turned a cess.

However - quilting board is about the only forum I regularly visit- and I have learned a lot from other members that I would never have become aware of on my own.

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Add me to pre-internet. I became interested in making quilts long before computers, so I’m sure I would be quilting without the internet.
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