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July Mug Rug Swap: Summer time fun! Makers choice! >

July Mug Rug Swap: Summer time fun! Makers choice!

July Mug Rug Swap: Summer time fun! Makers choice!

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Default July Mug Rug Swap: Summer time fun! Makers choice!

July Mug Rug Swap! Summer Time Fun Makers Choice!

Welcome to the July Mug Rug Swap! This months theme is: Summer Time Fun "

What is a mug rug? A mug rug is an item you use to hold your cup of coffee or tea or soda and a small snack plate/napkin beside it. Its approximately 9x8 or larger so you can put that little plate on it and a mug. Do not please go any smaller as that is pretty small for both items as it is! Note the size change please.

1. You will be assigned a partner. This is not a secret pal swap. Each partner will contact the other partner for addresses. You are encouraged to talk to each other and find out little things about them so you can make a special gift just for them. This months theme is Summer Time Fun theme, makers choice!. Its up to your interpretation of what you want to make based on the title summer fun. This month is makers choice remember you don't need to ask your partner what they want you can make whatever your interpretation of that this months theme is! For this months theme think whatever brings you joy for Summer. Be it a trip somewhere! a bowl of ice cold ice cream, a day on the farm.. a day at the beach whatever fits the theme best in your mind is what you should try to create. do it in color, do it in actual applique or fabrics that fit that which makes you think SUMMER! FUN! Just get creative.

2. You must quilt your mug rug in a fashion that you are most comfortable with. If you don't know how to paper piece maybe stick to regular piecing for this item. NOW for firm rules: IT MUST BE SEWN WITH 100 percent quilters cotton, with batting in between to protect furniture from possible destruction due to heat/cold. If you can not bind or don't want to learn how then it must be turned neatly and cleanly and stitched shut at all times. Be creative. Send something you would be proud to put out yourself. Be kind about what you receive. Any complaints MUST COME TO ME ONLY. Let me deal with anything please. The quilting board is a place we all come to enjoy ourselves, make friends, share ideas. Not everyone is a perfect quilter. BUT everyone tries. We all started somewhere so be considerate when posting. Please try to work out issues with your partner first, privately, before writing me.

3. You must send by July 22nd this time and send me notice that you have sent to your partner. Any delays must be shared with me prior to this date. I want everyone to receive a partners trade. This calling on angels is getting old around here. Be responsible. you sign up? you send. Period. You don't send and aren't sincerely very very sick you will be locked out of swapping with this group and be left bad feedback to insure other swap groups know you didn't send.

4. You are free to include tea/coffee and a small treat to go with your mug rug. If your feeling very generous you can send a bit more but nothing is obligated. fat quarters or other fabric related items are also perfect little add on's...any of the above are always loved. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO DO THIS however so keep this in mind when sending and receiving. some send a lot some can not afford to do this. No one should be made to feel bad because you chose to send a bunch and they couldn't. Remember this is an optional side item and what you send is a gift. Period.

5. Any questions? contact me or ctyankee immediately and we will help you get started.

SIGN UP TODAY! You must send a CTYANKEE a private PM to letting her know: name, address, AND phone number for emergency use by either one of us. If you have a preference of what you receive just send a note and she will share it with your partner. Names will be given out on July 1st the latest. sign up today! You are required by the board to send things you sign up for. If you don't you risk not having the ability to swap again in other events so make sure you follow through with what you sign up for. Again per board rules anything about your partner or the item they swap to you that does not please you is NOT to be posted on the board but sent in private email to me or your partner to sort out. Its polite and its the right thing to do.

also! please take a picture before you send as your partner might not be able to post one! don't post until your sure your partner has received and you are sure they cant post their own picture. thanks!

Here today... why what a lucky bunch we are.
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I'm in again!
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Default ctyankee

count me in again!


Rosemary Attaway
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I'm in again. Sending a PM
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yahoo! hopefully more are sending information to Ctyankee for sign ups! last time we had something around 40 people last month wonder what July will bring. I think I could go so many ways in this swap. I always think beach of course but then there is destinations and that brings something else to mind and of course there is farms and critters from the farms would make a fun mug rug.. oh dear. summer fun. water what about something water themed? my mind goes all over yes it does. where is yours taking you?
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Looks like I'm 'jumping' in again. I'll pm ctyankee Thanks for all of your suggestions Linda . . . not sure which way I'm going but I'll go ahead and make a "good one" soon so I can catch up on other stuff that's been neglected while visiting the grandson in FL.
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WOHOO I am in for JULY... Thank you for the reminder to send info to CTYANKEE....
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Hi Guys,

I'm in again too!


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another fun month ahead, yahoo,,,,I am in again,jacie
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I'm in, also. Sending PM to Ctyankee soon!
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