301 green mark behind faceplate

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Default 301 green mark behind faceplate

I have seen a green mark on the inside of the front of the machine on every 301 I've had the chance to look at (okay, it's only 4). When I open the faceplate and look inside the section where the thread take up lever and other parts like the needlebar originate, there is a green splat of paint. It's in the top right corner. It looks kind of like green nail polish.

When I got my first 301 I thought it was someone's personal mark on their machine, but since I've spied it on every other 301 I've had a chance to see in person, it makes me wonder what it stood for. Does anyone here know?

I'm also curious to hear from other 301 owners about if their machines have this mark.
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Hmmmm... I'll have to look! Haven't noticed one!
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You're gonna make me look when I go home tonight. I got 3 of 'um.
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Probably an inspectors mark.

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just ran and checked, no my 301 has a nice clean faceplate.
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I think it's an 'oil here' mark...but now I'm going to have to go look at mine and see!
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nope no green mark on my 301A, can check my DD 301 long bed, tomarrow
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Just checked my two 301s. No green mark.
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No green in my 301A.

But I found something else. Behind all the "works" is SIMANCO U.S.A. 170001 and then a small circular symbol and a small 3. On the back side of the "door" is SIMANCO 170029. These might be numbers of that part.

I'm still looking for a ruffler for my 301A. I completely wore out my ruffler with 4 daughters and square dance dresses.
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Just a thought -- could it be that the SMRG leaves a mark in the machines in your area he's worked on. Mine etches his initials in the ones he's worked on. On the bottom, out of site.
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