Another "what is it"??

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Default Another "what is it"??

The odd looking thing in the attached pic is part of a GW auction for a 201-2. It looks to be in fair condition, with a disassembled tension unit and a foot controller. And this thing.

The listing says it runs slow, so it's got some challenges.

With 5 hours to go it's at $300 plus shipping, so whatever this thing is, it must be desirable.

Domestic Sewing Machine Sages, what the heck is this thing, please?
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It is a pinking attachment. You can read about it at This link is for what the asking prices right now on ebay -
BUT if you look at the one that have sold you will see that they haven't sold for as much except for the one sold by 3fters who have some high $ sewing items.

The pinker attachment and the hand crank one are fun. Actually they are better than pinking shears as far as I'm concerned. I pinked the ends of some nylon windbreaker fabric and then straight stitched, as I know how much it ravels. I washed it and it did not ravel a bit. There is also some pinking shears that are similar. Such as "The Florian Pinker Sewing Pinking Shears, " "CRANE BRAND PINKING ROTARY SHEARS" and then there is one called "Roto-Pink." I actually have two Roto-Pink rotary shears. Kind of a funny story about one. There was a spring that wasn't working correctly (actually it was broken) and I asked my brother to fix it for me. He said he hoped I hadn't paid very much for it as the blade wasn't very sharp. I kind of giggled and adjusted it so that it would actually cut the fabric. It is not like regular scissors or rotary blades and it actually uses pressure to break the fibers apart.

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Thanks, Janey. I'd have never guessed THAT. I don't think it justifies the $300 bid on that machine, though.
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Learn something new every day! Never even heard of a pinking attachment for a sewing machine.
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