Cabinet for 301 Singer

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Default Cabinet for 301 Singer

I missed a Singer 301 - I was third on the list and the seller now wants me to buy the cabinet ($50.00) that they left. It is very simple and basic looking with 4 drawers down the right side, wooden handles, a bit beat up. She is saying that the mechanism to raise and lower the machine is hard to find. I am wondering if they came in a nicer cabinet and also if they are usually found in the wild with or without cabinets. I donít have a lot of room so having a cabinet sit around without a machine is not desireable. Thanks for your input. Cheers, Kelsie.
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From my understanding the cradle was made to fit regular cabinets. There is hardware that is attached to front of the cabinet that sometimes is left with the cabinet when the cradle is removed. I got a 301 that was in a Kenmore cabinet and unfortunately someone used hack saw to make it fit, consequently, I can't put it in another cabinet.

Here are three links that tell about cabinets for the 301 =

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The 301 cradle is not hard to find. There were several on Ebay when I looked last week. I think the most expensive one was about $30.00. The thing that is not mentioned is that there is another part you have to have. The cradle hooks on unique "stops" that are in the front of the cabinet. I found that out when I trashed a 301 cabinet, saved the cradle, but not the stops. So, I have a left over cradle.

I might offer her $20.00 for the cabinet, then salvage the parts for another Singer cabinet when you find on that you like. Just trash the cabinet.


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Thanks for the replies, I decided against it - partly the space issue and also the price. Cheers.
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