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Can a Singer 503A in cabinet be removed to sew as a portable? >

Can a Singer 503A in cabinet be removed to sew as a portable?

Can a Singer 503A in cabinet be removed to sew as a portable?

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Default Can a Singer 503A in cabinet be removed to sew as a portable?

Have a chance to buy a Singer 503A but it's in a cabinet a long way away. Would rather not transport the cabinet.

the machine currently sews with a knee pedal. My question, can the machine be removed from the cabinet and just set atop a table to be used? If so, how does the knee pedal operation convert to a foot pedal operation?

I guess a fundamental question, were the machines sold as 2 different types -- cabinet and stand alone (or whatever the correct term is?)

Thanks for any help, I am fairly new to the vintage world although I do have a Featherweight.

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Yes. You can remove the machine from the cabinet and use it on a table top. Generally, you just need to loosen two screws on the hinges that hold the machine in the cabinet and the machine will just lift off. The machine sits on two hinges, flip up the machine and look underneath. The hinges are attached with two set screws. One for each hinge. Loosen them and lift off the machine. If I were in your position, I would unscrew the hinges from the cabinet and take them with me even if you leave the cabinet behind. Removing the machine from the cabinet should take maybe 30 seconds all told.

The knee controller may actually be a foot controller. I have a Singer in a cabinet and that's what it is. The cabinet has a fitting that permits a foot controller to be used as a knee controller. The foot controller just slides up and out of the gizmo that holds it. But even if it's not the case with this machine, often, the only issue with using a knee controller as a foot controller is that sometimes the wires are too short to place the controller on the floor. So you may need a longer wire. If the knee controller just can't be used on the floor, which may be the case, you can also get a new foot controller with all the wires and the right plugs on the popular auction site or from any reputable sewing machine dealer. The cost of a new controller with all the wires is really rather minimal and all you need to do is plug it in.
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