Can you ID this machine?

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Default Can you ID this machine?

My sister inherited this machine. Under the machine, it says it's a Morse 1000. I can't find anything anywhere about a Morse 1000. She's never used it, as she doesn't know how to thread it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Looks like you there's some thread on it. Did you do it or did it come that way. Have you tried google or You Tube?
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That crown logo resembles Husqvarna. Could it be an old Viking? Or a machine from overseas?
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I found two more just like it, one on a old Morse group on Flickriver. No one knew anything about it. There's an identical one on Ebay right now.

The one on ebay says, "super stretch stitch" where mine says "Super".and has a Morse insignia on the face.

I assumed it's a Japanese model that's badged Morse. I read some history on needlebar and they were mostly Japanese. But not all. Morse didn't manufacture anything.

The old flickriver group,, has photos of Morse machines that say "made in switzerland".

I'll look a the Husqvarna machine from that era and see if I can find anything.


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I have seen links with Emdeko and Morse with Toyota and later with Brother... It looks 1980ish so likely a Brother.
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As far as I know, it's from the early 70's or before. Unless she replaced the machine, it's one she had in 1972 or so. I don't know how long she had it before that. She died in 1976. So, it has to be before 1976.
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Looks like it threads just like most modern machines. Some of the older machines had different threading, but I found the book to tell me how to do it.
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I have one just like it at my shop. I use it to hem pants its a good heavy duty machine. Not sure if i have the manual or not. Threading is very basic. Pm me will check and see if i have the manual or not.
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I realise that this is an ancient thread but someone else might come along looking for the answer to the same question. The Morse 1000 you have pictured is pretty much identical to a Mica sewing machine for which I have no model number.
This Japanese website identifies Mica sewing machines as being built by the Nitto Light Machinery Co., Ltd...
Mica also released the SX 3000 where the company's name is given as Nito Keiki Kogyo on this link...
This machine is similar to the Electra SX 4000, Dressmaker Super Zig Zag Model 1200 and Lemair 1150 & 1200 which is my interest in this brand!

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Thanks for the info. My sister still has this machine (as far as I know), but doesn't sew.
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