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Thread: Can't recess the machine into the cabinet

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    Can't recess the machine into the cabinet

    I feel a little silly....I just acquired an old ( 40s?) Montgomery Ward machine in a table-style cabinet. I opened the lid, lifted the wood framing to pull up the recessed machine. I flipped the wood framing back in place (I guess it is hinged underneath), then set the cast iron machine down on the framing. It fits beautifully. I assumed I only need lift the machine back up to raise the framing again & replace the machine in its recessed position. But I cannot lift the machine. Something catches & I'm afraid I'll break the framing if I tug any harder. Is there some secret I don't know?? There cannot be a latch mechanism underneath because the underside of the machine is inaccessible. Help!!

    I found this video on Youtube, which makes it look easy as pie.
    At 1:06, she simply lifts the machine up...but mine won't lift. Can anyone advise?

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    Can you post a picture? There may be a release button that looks like a round nail head in the middle close to the front edge. Just push on it. If you find one, push hard because it may be tight if it hasn't been used in years. (I have a 1925 Damascus which was a brand of Montgomery Wards treadle machine and it has one.) I can't take a picture of it because I don't know how. It may even need a drop or two of oil to loosen it up. There is a hook underneath.
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    My MW Supreme Reverse Rotary also has this button. I think that was pretty much a standard feature on a lot of National machines...& most old MW machines were made by National. Just push down on it like quiltingcandy said.

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    I have a Singer cabinet from the 70s with that button, too. My 1926 White Rotary has a little slider and my Pfaff from the 50s has a thumb flipper. There has to be a way. All of these are in front right corner of the machine.

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    Y'all are GREAT! Quiltingcandy hit the nail on the head--I just wasn't pressing hard enough to get the latch to move I took the whole thing, open cabinet, to a local machine repair shop--I'd planned to have it serviced there anyway, and was a little embarrassed when the repair man worked it easily.
    Thanks for all your advice! (I'm sure I'll come back for more...._)

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