Do I Really Need a 301???

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Default Do I Really Need a 301???

My newest obsession is finding a 301!! I have two Featherweights and a 15-91 and I love all of them. I just finished a baby quilt with the 15-91--as usual she FMQ like a dream. Will I love a 301 as much as I do my other lovely ladies?
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I have a 301 for $100 and 3 FW's (all were gifts). I love them all, but unfortunately, they don't do zig-zag and various other stitches without attachments. I have all vintage machines (a 403A and a Kenmore 158) and decided to go with a new Brother SQ9050 to see if a newer machine makes quilting easier with the added features: ZZ, walking foot, 100 different stitches, FMQ foot, needle down/up option. Have to say I really like having the newer machine to quilt on. Piecing is great on the smaller machines, and they are so portable for classes and such, but I really enjoying the conveniences of the newer machines too. I guess it's what you can afford and what you already have, versus what you want and can't live without to make life easier. Enjoy whatever you decide. - stitch124
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I actually have that exact Brother--found it on clearance at Walmart a couple of years ago for $50. It has such a small harp space--don't understand how they can call it a "quilting" model with such a small space. My dream machine is s Juki, ah maybe some day. I just love the sound of sewing on an old vintage machine--therapeutic.
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I don't know if you need one but I think I do. I also am looking for a 15-91 like you have. Then, I think I'm done looking for machines...... well, maybe if they're not too expensive I would get more........ maybe.
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I am a bargain hunter, so I will wait patiently for a 301. I really don't want to pay over $75. I paid $50 for 15-91, and $200 and $125 for the FW's. Problem, I've only seen one listed on our local Craigslist since I've been on the lookout, which is about three months. I've never seen one at the thrift stores, flea markets, etc. I may have to resort to Ebay, but I've heard horror stories about shipping though.
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Deals do come along, especially if you're willing to get a diamond in the rough. I haven't paid more than $45 for any of the 3 I had here, all 3 needed some TLC though.

If you want one in ready to use shape, they're getting hard to find for under $100, because they're becoming the "popular" vintage to have.
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I have one and I love her!
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You might also try I got my 301 there for $80 plus shipping.
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Mine both came from ebay - the first shipped perfectly, the second had some damage to the case but not the machine. The seller did a great price adjustment as she said she was ill and her employee used the wrong box for a sewing machine. I can repair the case and really don't care about it so I'm pleased.

Yes, you need a 301.
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You will LOVE a 301! I found my first one (LBOW) last September at GW. Walked in and there she was! She works beautifully, stitches so fast and smooth. I found a second one (also LBOW) in June at a thrift shop. She was a little noisy but bought her anyway because cosmetically she was perfect. There is an issue in the bobbin case/shuttle area that I have not yet resolved. I hope I can get her to work like 301 #1. Now I am on vacation and spend all my time watching local CL's and calling thrift shops to see if they have any old machines. 301's are like potato chips: one is never enough!
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