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  • Does anyone provide lessons? Or, how did you learn the wiring part?

  • Does anyone provide lessons? Or, how did you learn the wiring part?

    Old 12-07-2016, 09:50 AM
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    Default Does anyone provide lessons? Or, how did you learn the wiring part?

    I have been using the wonderful resources that members of this community have shared to restore a few machines. I've been able to clean up, remove rust, free up frozen handwheels, and make things all shiny. I've even converted a machine to handcrank. The one area that scares me is anything to do with electricals. I have a lovely 15-91 in an art deco cabinet that I need to rewire, and I also have a Modernage Precision 840 that I bought for pennies that may or may not need some wiring. It is otherwise in practically new condition.The latter, I purchased to fix up and give to a friend that has been extra kind to me this year. I wanted to give her my working featherweight that I've had for some years, but she refuses to accept it.

    I have had a rough few years in terms of unemployment, under employment, and financial challenges. I've learned to do a lot of things for myself, like changing my one car tail lights for examples (see, good things do come out of hardship). I've watched all of Rain's wiring tutorials. They are great, yet I still lack confidence to do it myself. How did you learn? Does anyone on this board offer some lessons?

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    I feel your pain, I am there too. Worst case scenario, you start, get stuck, and ask here or at VSS for help. Take pictures as you disassemble, to help you remember how to get back. Let us know how it goes, and we will WooHoo! with you on your success.
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    There are some things worth finding knowledgeable help to do...
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    I did it by following Rain' s instructions, step by step. I had every thing that I would need to do it in a small container beside me.
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    There are several issues in play here. First is the danger one. Getting electricity wrong can kill and if someone giving instructions leave out a tiny part they can be liable. Sorry, but this is todays society in the USA.
    2. One doesn't know what is really on a machine 50 or 70 or 100 years after it was made. If someone posts stuff on fixing it to factory specs the don't know what is in your hand.
    3. Problems are often hidden I replaced external wires and a control on a machine and it still wouldn't operate. I knew the wire were bad. I cold see the brass wire. I then opened up the motor and saw bigger difficulties. Replaced it and all was well, but if had put out a bid for the machine instead of working on my own, would have lost money.

    4. Some areas get pretty crowded in sewing machine electrical housings. One strand of wire in the wrong place can cause serious trouble.
    5. Soldering is a learned skill and many people don't do it well.
    6.Some cabinets force you do disconnect wiring to take a machine head out of them Stupid stupid stupid.
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    This book has some pretty decent descriptions/pics of wiring. https://www.createspace.com/5251020
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