Finally got to it, lol

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Default Finally got to it, lol

I finally reached the treadle machine in the back corner of my father in law's basement. She's in need of a lot of help with cleaning up and her cabinet and base are in need of a lot of help as well. But she is still able to move well and still really pretty given her age.....
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Wow! You're going to have some fun, and you'll grow quite attached after all the work.

According to

Singer Dating - by serial number (

Looks as though your serial number was allocated (and the machine maybe built) in 1901. And just think how much life might be left.
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Default Model help

I know that it's a sphinx by the decals, and that she was built in 1901 by her number but can anyone help me with the model? I had earlier located an old puzzle box in his belongings and have put almost all of the pieces in it except for a ruffler foot. I was kind of wondering if it was belonging with this machine. I think that the table is original to the machine too, if anyone here could tell me if that's possible or not.
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I'm pretty sure table is original. It is much like my 1903 model 27-4 (which is the same model as yours) and yes the puzzle box would have come with it.

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Wonderful, thank you so much ☺️. I know that I have a lot of work to do on all these beautiful old machines, but I honestly am excited and looking forward to doing it. My husband has already told me that I can't keep them all🤣🤣🤣. He knows me so well, lol. But I still want to restore them as best I can and make them shine again. It's amazing how well these old ladies hold up after so many years of being used, or abused or even forgotten about.
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