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On the first picture, I see the holes for a treadle belt under the handwheel on the right. $100 to $200 is a common price range here for a treadle in very good condition. Franklin is also fairly common and not as collectible as some brands. If you are thinking that is a fair price, ask for a picture of inside the cabinet. Make sure the pedal, fly wheel, pitman and other connecting parts are there. Also a picture with the front slide open showing that the shuttle and shuttle carrier are there. If this matters, remember that enclosed treadle cabinets might have a little narrower space for treadling than some of the open work treadles.
For that price, I would also expect the manual, attachments, extra bobbins, and no silvering on the decals. But that's just my criteria because I already have three treadles in acceptable condition and I paid much less than $100 each. As Cari says, if your heart flutters when you see it, that is an indicator!
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Originally Posted by bkay
If it's just another old electric sewing machine, no, I wouldn't pay that for it.

After Cari said it was electric, now I see there are no holes for the belt (holes should be under the hand wheel on the bed of the machine). If it has no irons inside the cabinet, it cannot be converted back to a treadle (if it ever was one). I bet it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a set of irons to fit that cabinet.

Bkay I said that about a pic that Leon posted, then he deleted it. I wasn't commenting on the OPs Franklin.

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yep, Sorry bkay.
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I just bought this same sewing machine. Did you end up buying it? If so, did you find a model number on it. I can't find a number anywhere on mine.
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From what I have read:

The Franklin brand of sewing machine was a model line offered by the Domestic Sewing Machine Company of Buffalo NY after winning a 1899 National Export Exposition award presented by the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia.

In 1911 Domestic sold both their 'Franklin' and 'Minnesota' labeled sewing machines through an agreement with Sears & Roebuck. The machines were nearly identical copies of the Singer model 27/127. The Franklin models remained mostly unchanged when White purchased Domestic in 1926 and continued sales of both the Franklin and Minnesota to Sears.

So there may not be a model number on a 1911 or later treadle Franklin machine because "The Franklin" was the model. White didn't change it and only replaced it with The Franklin Rotary in 1932 (which bombed in sales, and was renamed to become the first Kenmore labeled sewing machine in 1937).

Of course, what I've read may be sketchy in facts.

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Someone has done a great job of refinishing the cabinet, that work alone would be worth $100. $50 more for the machine is a bargain if you want to sew on a treadle. IMHO
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