Free Westinghouse 15 Clone

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Default Free Westinghouse 15 Clone

As some of you may know, I am winding down this hobby. I took 10 machines to an organization for donation. The director had me unload them next to other donations which included some vintage machines; she asked me if I wanted any of them...somehow one of them found its way into my car, how this happened I cannot explain.

Actually, I saw how colorful it was, and missing no parts, and well, I caved in. It's not nearly as faded as it looks in the picture.

I can't tell if it's supposed to be pink and faded to a salmon color, or if it started as a salmon color and they used pink parts for some things (e.g. the tension unit, the hand wheel, even the switch on the recessed light is pink). It's otherwise in good condition. This is the first machine like this I've seen with the company of manufacture on it, and Seiko apparently does still make sewing machines.

I had to get inside the motor, where someone had done some not so smooth soldering and covered the connections with now very brittle electrical tape-liquid tape to the rescue though. The stitch length locking dial is a kinda neat variation; you move the stitch length lever to where you want it, then turn the dial until it hits the lever, then if you go to reverse and come back it will stop where you set the dial.

It sews just fine, and as soon as I can get my neighbor to cut some wood for me to make a base I think I might end up donating it back.
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Awww gee. I thought you were giving it away because you said that it's FREE!

It's purty. (And I don't really want it, already having a 45 lb problem machine!)
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