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Default G2902752 Singer treadle

I recently acquired this Singer treadle machine. I was going to take it to a refinishing shop til I was quoted a price of approx $900. Therefore I am going to try to restore it myself. The laminate on the top is peeling and I have removed what I can w/o taking a scraper to it. Is there an easy way to finish the cabinet other than scraping it off? I did some research at "ISMAACS" and I think it is in the 1913 - 1915 era. The bobbin holder is in the shape of a bullet. Is there anywhere that I can get directions as to how to thread this machine? I know I am rambling bt I wd appreciate any information this board and members could help me with this project. I don't know how to attach a picture or I wd do so. Thank y'all in advance.
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From ismacs I see you have a model 127, and the cast iron body was given the serial number on April 24. 1913. Here's the manual. You can remove the top layer and replace it with similar veneer. To glue new top layer veneer the old has to be removed completely, what's left is sanded down lightly and cleaned. Try to get the same thickness as the original (brand new can be very thin, but all thicknesses are usually available). I assume it's oak and you need to match the color to the rest of the c'abinet before you relacquer. The finish in 1913 was shellac.

Often you can glue back lifted veneer and replace missing areas with new veneer. Working with the wood, a steam irion, glue and a few clamps can work wonders.

There's lots of info on the web, like youtube videos.

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...and I forgot to mention, the first thing you do is a lot of cleaning and oiling, all parts where metal move against metal needs oil, including the treadle bits under the table. Leather belts for the treadle is luckily easy to find, and there are reproduction bobbins available too. It takes standard 130 needles (aka 705 and 15x1). It takes general low shank accessories and they are in plenty; just make sure they are for the old straight stitch machines (zigzag machines feet have winder set feed dogs and feet accordingly, so doesn't always work that well).
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IN the sticky notes there are references to help you get your machine cleaned up, spiffed nice and running good and even how to run it. Go to the top of this page, then right under the obnoxious money making ad there is a bar that says "for vintage and antique enthusiasts" at the top of the list is all the sticky notes. Research and you will find links and resources galore. Muv also has a blog and a collection of wonderful how to videos especially helpful for long bobbin machines like yours. Glenn has lots of information on restoring your machine. The same questions come up very frequently so we put a treasure of info in those sticky notes. Everything Mickey said is published somewhere the sticky notes. You can also use key words and do a search at the upper right of your screen. You can also Google search key words and find even more info than on here. Plus there is info in the sticky notes how to google search more effectively! If you have specific questions after you have researched please feel free to ask and Mickey will standby to answer... Kidding...

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LOL, the sticky thread is very nice, but for a newcommer (and more experienced) it's a nice to get a more direct and current reply too. There's still some activity here, and it's not completely abandoned. There are various sources specialising in parts for vintage machine like belts, bobbins. Luckily there's still some commerce in relation to these old machines or it would be very difficult to keep them running and for practical for use.
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