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Default Grand Electro

I recently found a most unusual machine. It appears to be Japanese. Early to mid-fifties. It has zigzag, twin-needle capability, and what is really weird, it is a LONG BOBBIN! And even stranger than that, the bobbin swings from the back of the machine, not the center. Anyone know anything about this cutie?
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Never seen anything like it, make is very interesting. I know round bobbin machines are considered modern compared to long bobbins, but they have been around since the early days (1870-80s?), and I think Singer model 128 (long bobbin) was in production until the early 1960s, and it definitely does the job with a motor and light setup. I guess the vibrating shuttle on your Grand Electro is a clever adaption to the swing arm needle. I wonder if it's a prewar model or a 1950s model, the white plastic clamp holding the machine to the base looks like it's nylon, and I guess 50s?
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Yes, the clamp is nylon. There is no date anywhere in the owner's manual. There machine looks like it has never been used. Trying to seat the needle correctly is a real pain. If it is not precisely in the right position, it hits the needle plate. This may be why it is in such good shape.
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Is the needle shank round or does it have a flat side? One of my vintage machines takes a round shank needle and I go by the eye of the needle, the threading side has a longer groove than the back side. This particular machine threads from front to back, but with older machines it can just as well be left to right or right to left. It's definitely an advantage to have the manual for the machine. You could take off the needle clamp and check if there's any dust or grime in the grooves behind there. I had similar trouble with a Singer 201, needle scraped slighly against the race on one side and it wasn't quite centered in the hole in the needle plate. I thought it might be timing, needle bar off sync or something like that, but after I scraped out a lot of grime of the grooves in the needle bar everyting lined up perfectly.

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I LUV IT!!! What a great machine to add to your collection. Color me green with envy!!
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I've seen many of these machines but never one with the Electro Grand name. The ones I've seen have been Morse, White, or one other I can't think of right now. I've seen them in other colors too.

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That's a fun machine!

So... if the shuttle swings from the back of the machine, the needle would go in with the flat to the back (assuming it takes a standard needle), and threads from front to back.
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It sure is a clean beauty. Have fun with it.
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Question Electro Grand 200 - manual needed

Hi all - newb here. I'm sure there's already a thread post on where to get a copy of the manual. Unfortunately I haven't found it. I was able to get my hands on this "unicorn" - well he's enroute.

I wanted to read up & know as much as possible about the model. I'd like to get the best usage along with take care of it. Can someone please point me to the right direction?
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Welcome to Quilting Board.
What you will be getting is considered a badged Japanese sewing machine. As Cari mentioned it can be seen with different names such as Dressmaker, Morse, White, National, Universal, Electro-Hygene, New Home, Nelco, Miracle, KDAZ620, KDZ-10, and others. A not great manual can be found at

Have fun with it.

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