HELP just found a fw

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Default HELP just found a fw

went next door to an antique store, found a fw.
the price was $275, he'll take 240.
it comes with a box and accessories, no info booklet,
i don't know if i have it threaded wrong, but when it sews
it makes birds nests. the repair place wants $150 to look at it. Heart attack time.
soooooo, what am i doing wrong,
it looks good paint and all decals there. a few scratches.
should i buy it????? should i pass??????
what am i doing wrong.
my friend thinks ium crazy to buy it. i told her it's cute,
she thinks im nuts. what do all of you think?????
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It probably is a threading issue. I think they are threaded left to right - not the other way around. You should be able to find a manual online to double check. I would try that, then re-try the machine if possible. Even at $240 and no repair it's more than I would spend for one, but I'm really cheap. Haven't paid more than $50 for any vintage machine yet. I have an electrified 66 Redeye, a FW and a 99 in a very nice table. Good luck.
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I think Its worth It More than likly Its just not threaded right.
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Yes. I paid $300 for mine several years ago. They are the sweetest!
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Feather Weights thread backwards from most other machines.

The needles fits flat to the left and the thread goes from right to left.

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thread is right to left. i personally would not buy it. i missed one at a garage sale in central islip for $100 mint condition w/book and feet. take your time. there is no rush.
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Ro, 1... lets get tog
2... where did you see it, never saw one, ex ept at 112 singer in patchogue, she repainted it pink, and wanted alot more for it.
They also had an electrified treadle for$75 in a beautiful cabinet, and another old, old machine for $125.
Im cheap when it comes to buying things for myself, i dont need it, but i want it.
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You will pay the most for your first FW- then they seem to come out of the wood work for a lot less. Not sure why it happens that way - kind of like finding out you are pregnant after you have adopted a baby.
Hope you find one soon.
The book isn't that big of a deal since they are on the internet for free. My guess is you have threaded the little machine wrong, and you may have the bobbin thread too. Those little details can drive you crazy.
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Thanks all, im going tomorrow with a cellow qbmember...with cash in hand
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Not a bad price, & yes, they thread right to left. I have a hard time threading mine without using a sheet of white paper so I can see the eye of the needle. Good luck with it
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