Holy cow! $1401 for a FW

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Default Holy cow! $1401 for a FW

https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/95197666 Can you see any reason this auction ended so high? That is a crazy price!!
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It all depends on how much someone is willing to pay I guess. I have seen beautifully refinished ones for less then that though.
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I hope the buyer enjoys her machine. Personally, I got my featherweight for 100, in Scotland, (well, DH finds them and buys them for me), and that's the most we have paid for a vintage singer, and I have 8.
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Oh, my....that's terrible.
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If I'm seeing the pictures correctly, and in my limited knowledge of FWs, this one is an early one. Maybe pre-1936? (They started making them in 1933.) Because of where some of the decals are, the upper tension dial not being numbered and the bobbin winder unit is located on the front of the machine not on the bed.

I'm still learning, so please correct me where I've erred!

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Bags, you are correct that it is the early one - 1933. However, I believe that the foot controller is a replacement as the 1933 had metal buttons. It looks like the front decals are missing and no attachments or books. I suppose they could still be in the case, but guessing not. It is possible that the tray is missing. Some additional information about the timeline of FW and 1933 in particular at https://singer-featherweight.com/blo...urce=Pinterest and https://singer-featherweight.com/pro...ine-1933-ad541

Also not shown is the bobbin case, which are often missing. The 1933 had a different bobbin case hook assembly.

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Janey, I knew it was early, but wasn't sure how early. I noticed the decals and the controller too. I thought I would try and play the "what year is this" game from the identifying marks that were easy to spot. Still learning!

I was hoping someone would jump in with more information. Thank you!
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It certainly wasn't for the pristine case.
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Leon, yep that's what I thought when I saw the case. I thought the price must be for an early one or a special badge or the person's birthdate or that was the only year of FWs that person didn't have yet or …
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I was told that I paid Too Much for my machine that I purchased at $40-USD for my machine and in its original cabinet. I think I got the best end of the deal as I set the price. Tag said "Name Your Price" and I said $40. The repair guy said he sells that machine for $15-USD. Mine is in good shape. Even came with bobbins so I know what ones to purchase. I would not have paid that price.
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