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Husqvarna Designer II screen flickers Help >

Husqvarna Designer II screen flickers Help

Husqvarna Designer II screen flickers Help

Old 07-03-2020, 03:57 PM
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Default Husqvarna Designer II screen flickers Help

Hi there sewing palls!

im haveing Trouble with my designer II Machine
The screen is glitching out flickering and has patches of black. I left it alone for a few days and then just turned it on and it was fine Until about 20min in to sewing then the screen began to go patchy again. Has anyone else had this problem? Iíve taken the machine apart and checked to make sure all the connections are tight and they seem to be. Any idea are much appreciated!
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Old 07-04-2020, 05:34 AM
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You aren't getting any replies because your machine is newer than most of us play with. We mostly do non-electronic machines. I would suggest you consider taking it in for service. I am an electronics dullard, but what you describe might mean something is heating up and starting to fault when it gets hot.

Another suggestion is that you look on facebook for a group of Husqvarna users.

Sorry I couldn't help.


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Old 07-04-2020, 09:22 AM
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Welcome to the board sofer. Bk is right My Husqvarna is so old that Husqvarna wont't even acknowledge it. It is industrial. Sitting by a full sized Singer for comparison.

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Old 07-04-2020, 10:06 AM
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My Husqvarna dealer told me they support the machines for 20 years after they discontinue making them because they can't afford to keep making the parts any more after that. People tend to upgrade by then. I have the Designer Topaz 20 and they no longer send along the updates for it.

It sounds to me that your Mother Board may be failing, but to know for sure it needs to go in for a service.
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Old 07-04-2020, 10:32 PM
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The conglomerate that currently owns the Husqvarna/Viking name hasn't owned it for even 20 years yet. The word on the street is that parts support will be short-lived but there is no history yet. My experience with the old trusted names that got sucked up by large conglomerqates isn't good. (I've worked on both ends). The Singer-Pfaff-Viking brands are affected by this purchase and I wouldn't expect to get parts much after a model is dis-continued. With the dealer network eroding for these brands, parts supplies for repairs for current models is reported to be taking a lonngg time.
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Old 07-05-2020, 10:06 AM
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and, of course, if parts aren't available it is easier for sales folk to say. "You need to buy a new one.."
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Default Husqvarna Viking Epic

My Husqvarna Viking Epic is only about 4-1/2 years old. In those 4 years I have used it about 20 hours. Recently an update was available that gave my machine the ability to use a different foot pedal and a new attachment. Right after the update the machine flickered. I thought something wasn't right because it had never flickered. It was still working but I sewed a couple of small things and turned it off. The next time I tried to turn it on it didn't. The Husqvarna Viking store said probably the update was completed correctly. Not true I'm a technical analyst and know my way around software. It turns out both the motherboard and the base board are bad. Ever since I got my machine it has been nothing but trouble. I haven't used it much because everytime I use it there's something wrong and each time the company that sold it to says it's probably because of something I did. Not true. I paid $10,000.00 for a useless piece of garbage and Husqvarna Viking does not ever take responsibility. The company has truly become an irresponsible money hungry manufacturer of garbage. I bought the machine because I still have a machine of the same brand that's over 25 years old but now they're selling garbage.
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